Computer Games That are Fun for the Whole Family

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Over the past year, my kids have discovered a love of computer games. Both of them enjoy playing games by themselves or with their friends. Some of their favorite games are Minecraft, Roblox, Genshin Impact and Among Us. In the beginning, I wasn’t a huge fan of computer games for kids as I thought the kids were just wasting time on the internet, but after watching them play and seeing some of the worlds that they have created in some of the games, I have changed my mind. Computer games have helped my kids be more creative and to develop their critical thinking skills. They have helped them to work through puzzles and challenges. They have even enhanced their abilities to work with others, as a lot of the games are played in a group.

While all these games are great, my kids, like most others, don’t always have the longest attention span, especially the younger one. They start out playing something, play it for a little bit and then want something else to do. I was recently introduced to a site called Plays.org that has a ton of free computer games for kids and for the adults in their lives too. The entire family had a great time trying out games on the site.

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When his 22-year old cousin came over, he had her play a game with him. They played a game called Red Imposter vs. Crew. I was trying to work in my home office in the front of the house and all I could hear was laughter and my son razzing on my niece coming from the back of the house. They were having such a fun time playing the game together. Red Imposter vs. Crew is almost like a play on the popular game Among Us where you were the imposter tasked with eliminating your crew members without being spotted. What I liked about this game is that you were always the “imposter.” As the levels went on the number of crew members increased making it harder to complete the level. 

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Another game that we tried out was Teen Titans Go One on One. Both my daughter and niece(and me too) used to be  Teen Titans fans so they wanted to try this game out. For those of you who have never heard of Teen Titans, it was a show about a group of five teenagers(with superpowers), Raven, Cyborg, Starfire, Beastboy and Robin, battling crime in their city.  In Teen Titans Go One on One, you had to face off against one of the enemies from the TV show. For Raven, you had to use her telekinesis powers and smash the rocks together before they could land and do damage.  Cyborg was being attacked by different cannons/weapons and you have to use his laser blaster(aka eye) to clear the way until a showdown with the villain. Starfire was chasing after a jewel thief and had to use her starbolts to destroy the objects being thrown. Beastboy (who can turn into different animals)  had to complete a maze as either himself, a hawk, or a cheetah while trying to avoid the lasers and other attackers, and lastly, you can play as Robin the group leader. Robin was their favorite character game as it involved racing and trying to avoid hitting the cars as you are chasing the villain. 

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What I really enjoyed about the site was that there were games for all ages to play. A game I took a liking to was something I used to love playing growing up. I am sure we are all familiar with the puzzle game Tetris, playing Templok: the Tetris-inspired line puzzle game took me back to those good days. When starting the game, the board already has four set pieces on it while you are given three pieces to play at a time. Once you place them, three more will load up. You also have the option to re-roll the pieces or to turn a piece. What I like about Templok is that it offers a hold section where you can rest a piece if you can’t play it on the board. This allows you to get new pieces to try and eliminate the row before there are no moves to play.  I also like that if you want assistance with the game, you can look at the bottom the screen to see different strategies on how you could win. 

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A game that I did not expect to be as enjoyable as it was, was called Typing Battle. In this game, you have to type the words shown in under a certain amount of time. In the end, you are scored based on accuracy as well as the number of words you type out. Once I started this game, I couldn’t get myself to stop as I wanted to keep doing better than the score I had earned in the previous round. If you are as competitive as I am, you WILL lose track of time playing this game so beware! This is definitely a great game for older kids as they are learning to type. I have tried other typing programs with my son in the past and he got bored pretty quickly. I am positive this game will hold his attention and thus help improve his typing skills.

As I am certain you can tell, my entire family had a great time playing games on Plays.org and we only scratched the surface. There are literally hundreds of other games on this website that can be accessed and played to not just pass the time, but have a good time. So if you are looking for free computer games for kids, that are also a ton of fun, we highly recommend trying them out.

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