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A Great Option for an At-home Escape Room: Review of Escape Kit

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This past weekend, I set up an at home Escape Room for the kids. It was pretty good, if I do say so myself. Did I come up with all the challenges myself? Not at all. I got a pre-prepared at home Escape Room kit from Escape Kit. I followed their directions to put everything together and set up the Escape Room for the kids. They had a great time and escaped in under 40 minutes!

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The Sleeping Curse Escape Room

The Escape Room that we did is called the Sleeping Curse. The basic gist of the story is that you have just started your first year at Iwinery, a school for wizards. On your first day, you oversleep and are late for class. When you show up, everyone has been placed under a sleeping curse. It is up to you to break the curse, but you only have one hour until you too fall under its spell.

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What’s Included

Everything you need to play the game is included in your kit that you receive from Escape Kit. The kit includes: puzzles, that have to be solved to move on to the next room; clues that will help you along your way; room signs, so you can designate different places in your house as the rooms at Iwinery; envelopes, to place in the different rooms with the puzzles in them; an answer book in case players are having trouble figuring out one of the puzzles; curse cards, which players have to take if they use the answer book; a map, so participants know where they need to go to solve the puzzles; Escape Room signs, so you can take pictures at the end of the game like a traditional escape room; the setup directions for the Game Master and the opening and closing text for the story that is read to the players at the beginning and ending of the game.

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How it Works

As I was the Game Master, I was responsible for setting up the game. I designated the different rooms in my house as the locations in Iwinery. In each location, I placed an envelope with a puzzle and in some rooms, I placed additional clues. The kids had to solve the puzzle in each location, which would in turn give them a secret word that they would need at the end of the game. There were locations, 5 puzzles to solve and 5 words to collect.

After reading the opening story and the rules, the kids (and their dad) rushed off to do the first puzzle. Some puzzles were harder than others, but they made it through just fine.

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Important to Note

Setup does take a bit of time. It took me almost as long to get everything together as it did for the kids (and my husband) to play the game. The rules are clear for the most part, but I found a couple bits to be slightly confusing, so it took me a bit longer to set those parts up.

The game can take differing lengths of time depending on quickly you work your way through the clues.

This particular Escape Room is recommended for 6-10 year olds. My 10-year old still found enough challenge in the game to make it fun for her. My 5-year old still found it fun even though he couldn’t solve most of the puzzles, but he was an expert at spotting the clues.

Additional Information about The Escape Kit

Escape Kit also offers additional Escape Room games that you can play at home, including Superheroes vs. Dr. Villain, Quest for the Magic Diamond, Cursed Treasure and more.

Each game costs $22 and there are games for both kids and adults.

Do we recommend Escape Kit?

My family had a great time playing the game. While we enjoy playing Digital Escape Rooms as well, this was more like a traditional escape room, which added another element of fun to the game. The challenges were just difficult enough and everything I needed to setup the game was included. I would definitely recommend Escape Kit. We look forward to our next escape room with them.

We were provided The Sleeping Curse free of charge by Escape Kit to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own.

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