Loog Ukuleles: Perfect for Pint-Sized Musicians

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When my daughter was younger, she asked us for a ukulele. She was obsessed with Lilo and Stitch, so I kind of assumed that she wanted a ukulele because Lilo had one. She never took any lessons, but she had tons of fun rocking out on her ukulele and singing songs. The entire family would even have jam sessions with my niece playing the ukulele and the little ones dancing around and singing. Some great family memories were made with that cheap ukulele, but no one actually knew how to play it. We were just strumming the strings and singing along.

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The other day I discovered a company called Loog that makes gorgeous ukuleles that come in multiple different colors. The colors that the ukulele comes in are Red, Green, Black, White, Yellow and Pink. The quality of the ukulele is much better than my little cheap ukulele that I bought years ago. That ukulele was more for playing around, whereas the Loog ukulele is an actual instrument just made for kids.

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Even better than just providing the ukuleles, Loog teaches you how to play the ukulele. Included with every ukulele are chord cards showing you exactly where to place your fingers so that you can learn the different chords. They also serve as flashcards, so after you have learned the chords you can test yourself by flipping the cards over to just feature the name of the chord without the positioning. This will help kids, and even adults, master playing chords on the ukulele.

Along with the flashcards, all Loog purchasers have access to the Loog App (found in the App Store or Google Play Store).  In the Loog App, you will find video lessons, a tuner and a digital songbook. Kids can continue to practice chords and even play along to popular songs. The more chords that they learn, they can unlock even more songs. Some of the songs on the app that kids can learn to play are Despacito, Shake it Off and Here Comes the Sun.

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The app also features video lessons for kids that learn better by watching someone else. The lessons take you through tuning your instrument, strumming, different chords and more. Kids can also play music games where they have follow the melody or complete the chord, making learning music fun. For kids that like to jam out, like my kids, there is even a jam section on the app where it just plays a beat that kids can jam out to. The beat speed can be modified to slow, medium or fast. Right now the app mostly focuses on guitar since the ukulele was just released last month, but they will be updating it to include the ukelele next month.

If you have a child that loves music, or heck just loves Lilo and Stitch, we highly recommend checking out Loog. Their ukulele and app are the perfect way to get them started on playing an instrument that is just right-sized for them.

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We were provided with a Loog ukulele in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own.

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