Backyard Activities to do With Kids

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Anyone else feeling a little tired of the same activities?  If you need spicing up of the new normal, we are here to help!  From water balloon fun to camping under the stars, there is plenty of excitement to be had together as a family.  The weather is hot but the fun can be cool these backyard activities to do with kids.

picnic with kids

Water Balloons

There are so many fun ways to use water balloonsIt truly is such a silly and refreshing way to hang out and have fun in the heat together as a family.  With temperatures rising into the 90’s, there is no better time to round up a bucket of water balloons and enjoy a variety of games with them.  You could have the obvious, and always enjoyable, water balloon fight, or chalk some circles down in the driveway for water balloon target practice.  If you have multiple kids, trying having them play a water balloon towel toss where 2 must catch the balloons in the towel while one of them throws it.  There are also laughs to be had while having races balancing a water balloon on a large spoon, similar to an egg race.  If your kids love hunting for things, try hiding the balloons to start off with as it’s a great way to draw out the activity and even is an activity in itself.  For added enjoyment, try filling the balloons with water, then hiding a small toy or plastic figurine in it before freezing.  Once frozen, cut from the balloon, and now it has turned into fossil looking ice eggs that kids can even excavate.

Appropriate for ages 8 years old and up (younger kids by discretion)

Make Your Own Water Sprinkler

If you are looking for more water fun outside, and don’t have the luxury of a pool or slip and slide, make your own Water Sprinkler.  All you need is an empty soda liter bottle that you have slit or punched holes in, a hose and something to connect them together, such as plumbing parts or waterproof tape.  You can lay on the ground or over a tree branch and turn on your hose and watch the magic.  The kids will definitely love it and think you are a genius!  If you are really handy, turn PVC and pool noodles into your kids very own drive through bike wash!

Appropriate for any age

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Paint Rocks for the Garden

Take this painting project outside and let the kids be inspired by the outdoors to create painted rocks to put around your garden.  All you need are smooth painting rocks, paint, paint brushes and creativity and you are all set.  Enjoy the sunshine with the kids and fresh air, while creating beautiful art to display all around the garden.

Appropriate for ages 3 years old and up

Have a Picnic

My daughter is definitely enjoying taking her lunch outside these days.  Grab a blanket and head on out with your lunch into the backyard to eat.  If you have a picnic basket, make it extra special and fill it up with goodies and bring it out.  Obviously, you could eat any meal out here, though the mosquitoes may get you in the evening.  Bring a few books out for some extra time outdoors.

Appropriate for any age

Raise a Butterfly Garden

I recently heard about this from a fellow mom, and her whole family was amazed and in love with doing this!  Though there are kits online, you can also just buy milkweed from a local nursery or farmer’s market, as monarch butterflies lay their eggs in milkweed.  If there aren’t any eggs already in them, the plant blooms beautiful clusters of flowers that attract the monarch.  It is such an incredible thing to see as the eggs turn from caterpillar to chrysalis where you can even see the wings blooming to emerging butterflies.

Appropriate for any age

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Play Twister

Take the fun outside with this game and make your own!  If you have spray paint in different colors, create a Twister board by spraying directly on the grass using whatever colors you have or prefer.  Once dry, kids will love playing this battle of balance and flexibility outside.  You could also create tic-tac-toe out back by using spray paint as well, and then just find things to use as the x’s and o’s.

Appropriate for ages 4 years old and up

Drip, Drip, Splash

Similar to the popular duck, duck, goose game, drip, drip, splash is a play off of that.  Have everyone sit in a circle and choose one person to start the game by holding a very wet sponge above the heads of those in the circle walking around dripping the sponge over each person.  When this person squeezes the water all over one person sitting in the circle, that person than chases the sponge holder.  If the one holding the sponge doesn’t makes it back to the empty seat in the circle before getting tagged, they get a bucket of water dumped on their heads!  Pure entertainment any child, and even parent will enjoy, especially on a very hot day!

Appropriate for ages 3 years old and up

Colorful Scavenger Hunt

In this delightful and colorful scavenger hunt, simply take a white paper lunch bag or piece of paper and use different colored markers to scribble some squares with each color.  Now that you have different color blocks, take it out back and have the kids try to match something in the backyard to one of the colors on the bag.  If using a bag, you can add the item inside or tape the item on to the paper.  Super easy to make!

Appropriate for ages 2 years old and up

Obstacle Course

The whole family can get in on the fun doing an obstacle course!  Gather up some pool noodles, hula hoops, soccer ball, really anything you can think of, and turn your backyard into a course.  If you have a large family, you could even partner up and make games where they must work together to complete.    I do smaller versions on the sidewalk having my daughter run from a starting point to a designated area where she then must scooter to the hopscotch before biking to the finish line.  The great thing about this is that you really can use whatever you have to make it exciting for your family.

Appropriate for ages 2 years old and up

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Camp Under the Stars

If you are in need of a getaway (and really, who isn’t?!) grab your tent, and enjoy a technology free evening under the stars.  Just pop into your back yard, and set up your camp.  From roasting marshmallows, to singing “We’re going on a bear hunt,” to other silly camping song and telling stories, then snuggle up together for the night.

Appropriate for ages 3 years old and up

What are your favorite activities to do in the backyard with your kids?

by Megan Daniels

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