20 Best Gifts for Kids this Year

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The holiday season is officially upon us!  The mad dash for the latest and greatest gadgets and gizmos can make your head swirl.  Fear not, peruse our list of the 20 best gifts for kids this year that will be fun and won’t break the bank.

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20 Best Gifts for Kids

Here are 20 gifts your kids will go gaga over!

best christmas gifts for kids

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Bath Bombs

Self care isn’t just for grownups.  Bath bombs offer the little ones a chance to still be a kid with a grown up perk.  They are perfect for a special treat or after weekend practices.  The bath bombs are recommended for children ages three and older and they come in all kinds of fun scents and shapes too so there should be one that will match your child’s personality for sure!


I know, who wants books for Christmas?!  Plenty of little ones (and the bigger ones too – they just won’t tell) enjoy reading.  Boxed sets of books is like getting multiple presents in one.  You can find boxed sets of all kinds for children of all ages.

Dance Challenge Mat

The Dance Challenge Mat is a classic.  Made of heavy duty vinyl and soft padding, this mat is going to get your child moving and grooving and exercising all while having fun.  Recommended for children five and older, your kiddo will follow the cues and try to beat the three different challenge levels.

Digital Selfie Video Camcorder

The Digital Selfie Video Camcorder is what every burgeoning YouTuber wants!  The camera comes in several colors with a host of things to allow video making easy – time delay shooting, fifteen different filters, a USB cord, a lanyard for easy carrying, and even has four built in games which makes the camera a useful and fun toy for kiddos 3 and older.

Dinosaur Trucks

Children are fascinated with dinosaurs.  These prehistoric creatures still reign supreme today.  Dinosaur trucks are perfect for road trips or for lazy days at home.  Fun for ages 3 and older, these trucks are made for little hands.  No batteries needed – just pull the truck back and watch it go!

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A super popular toy, Drones provide hours of fun for the kids and family too. This mini drone has a one key takeoff and landing feature and hovers at a set altitude.  It folds right into the controller making it easy to carry.  This is a great drone for a beginner and recommended for children eight and older.

Fire HD 10 Kids Pro Tablet

Maybe books are not for the little techie in your home?  You can still keep up their love of reading with the Fire HD 10 Kids Pro Tablet.  Your elementary school ager will absolutely love it.  It comes loaded with one year of Amazon Kids+ which has thousands of apps, books, songs, and more.  The slim line tablet also comes with a case and up to 1TB of expandable storage.  While this item may be a little more expensive, it certainly pays for itself with all that comes with the tablet.

Foam Axe Throwing Target Game

Release your inner Paul Bunyon!  Your kiddos will love this safe, fun take on this trend that is taking over the nation.   The Foam Axe Throwing Target Game is great for children ages six and older.  Your child will enjoy hurling the foam axes towards the bullseye for points.  The axe “blades” are covered with a strip of hook and loop material that adheres to the material on the tree stump target.  The game comes in its own case and can travel with you on long road trips or down to the local park.  It is great for birthday parties and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Fort Building Kit

Easy to build and very durable, this kit has all that your child will need to build different shapes and towers, including forts!  The Fort Building Kit will ignite your child’s creativity.  Recommended for children five and older, your child will be able to build not only forts, but the durable plastic pieces can be used to make rockets, tunnels, teepees, and a host of other cool stuff!

Hanging Pod

Hang by yourself or hang with the homies!  However your child is going to hang, let them do it in the Hanging Pod.  Built for indoor or outdoor use, the hanging pod is like a tent on a stick.  More than one person can be in the tent at the same time (check the weight restrictions for guidelines).  Sturdy construction and made of durable fabric, the Hanging Pod is waterproof, offers UV protection, and is fade resistant.  It even has a cool strip of rainbow LED lights to add a little pizazz to your child’s nighttime fun.   The Hanging Pod is more suited to children seven and older.

Intellisaur Robot Pet

Every kid wants a pet but not every home can accommodate one.  You will find the best of both worlds in the Intellisaur Robot Pet.  The Intellisaur is an interactive T-Rex robot toy that has programmable features and can dance, roar, and can shake its tail.  Your child can use the remote to give commands or launch darts from its back.  Recommended for children five and older, the Intellisaur is small enough that it makes a great travel companion too.

Magic Puzzle Box

This toy is unlike any other humdrum, boring puzzle.  The Magic Puzzle Box can create more than seventy different shapes.  The only limitation is your child’s imagination!  It is a great sensory and therapeutic fidget that will entertain children of all ages.  The Magic Puzzle Box also contains thirty six rare earth magnets that allow for creative designs with the box.  Can your child master the Magic Puzzle Box?

Magnetic Building Blocks

If you’re going to go with a classic magnetic toy for your little creative builder, go big! Though the concept isn’t new, the multitude of pieces that come with this set will have him or her building for hours.  What’s better than having a toy that is fun while teaching your little one about shapes, colors, magnets, and architecture?  Magnetic Building Blocks offer children ages three and older a chance to use their creativity and imagination to create their own special masterpiece.  With more than one hundred pieces to choose from, your little one will certainly be busy!

Metal Detector

If you’ve ever had a metal detector, then you know it’s the anticipation of finding hidden treasure that makes it so much fun. With the Little Experimenter Metal Detector, any place can become an adventure. Whether in the backyard, the bedroom, the beach, or at the park, your little explorer will love becoming a certified treasure hunter! Recommended for children five and older, it also offers the opportunity for fun games in the home searching for hidden objects planted by you, which can become both an interactive and educational experience for parents and children alike.

Poppits and Fidgets

The go to toy for the season!  Poppit and Fidget Toys are everywhere and kids young and old are thrilled!  Children from ages two and older will enjoy this toy as it offer hours of entertainment.  You can purchase individual fidgets or get a fun pack of fidgets, spinners, monkey noodles, and poppits.  The is no age limit to how much fun your kiddo will have with these!

Soccer Hover Ball Set

The weather outside might be frightful, but this Soccer Hover Ball Set is delightful!  Made for indoor play, this game is ideal for the entire family and can change a boring day to a fun filled day with family.  The hover balls have soft foam bumpers to protect furniture and the little ones too.  It is ideal for use on most floor types, including carpets and is multifunctional because the soccer balls can be played both indoors and outdoors.  This game is great for little ones from preschool and older.

Taco vs. Burrito Board Game

Created by a 7 year old, the Taco vs. Burrito board game is super popular.   It’s a fast paced game that that takes a few minutes to learn and a few minutes to play.  It is best to have at least 2 to 4 players who try to create the weirdest, wildest meal.  This game is perfect for any kid from 7 to 77!

The Arts and Crafts Vault

This is the ULTIMATE in an arts and craft kit!  The Arts and Crafts Vault has more than one thousand pieces for your child to create and craft to their heart’s delight.  It has two drawers filled with everything from pom poms and pipe cleaners to wooden beads and discs, feathers, and sewing needles.  Your kiddo can make jewelry using the beads or a beautiful wind catcher with the feathers and sticks.  Recommended for ages four and older, this kit is sure to provide hours of fun for your little one.

Think Fun Laser Maze Brain Game

Children eight and older will love this game!  Your child will develop critical thinking skills and reasoning prowess as they use mirrors, beam-splitters, and a little science to help them get through sixty challenges.  The Laser Maze Brain Game challenges go from beginner to expert levels and get increasingly harder as you go through the game.   It comes with a real laser, game board, and easy instructions too that makes it easy for you to start playing and enjoying this game right away!

Walkie Talkies

What’s old has become new again.  Walkie Talkies remain a classic when it comes to gifts for you little ones.  They can partner up with siblings or parents can get in on the action too.





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