Fun Games to Play at Home with Family

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Are you looking for some fun games to play at home with the family while cooped up in the house?  Or perhaps you’re looking to add some new games to the mix for your family game nights.  Either way, games are a great way to bond with your kids and get everyone involved.  Here is our roundup of family friendly games to play at home together with the kids.

games to play at home

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The Awkward Family Photo Game: Movie Line Caption

The Awkward Family Photo Game: Movie Line Caption is a hysterical game where you caption super awkward and funny family pictures from the game to memorable movie quotes from cards dealt.  The pictures alone will have everyone rolling in laughter so a good time is sure to be had by all.

Best age suited for: 12 years and up

Bean Boozled

Bean Boozled is for daring tasters who love Jelly Beans.  With 20 exciting flavors, 10 flavors you will want to try and 10 flavors you’ll enjoy watching others try, you will have to pick one of the look-alikes and hope you don’t get a yucky flavor.  Flavors include birthday cake, s’mores, spoiled milk and rotten egg.  Kids and adults find this game hilarious.

Best age suited for: 4 years and up

Charades for Kids

Charades for Kids is a great way to bond with the family over some silly laughs.  Whether you purchase the box edition, or make up your own age appropriate game at home, this game is sure to be fun family time.  The boxed version comes with three levels, for varying child ages, plus added pictures to reinforce early reading skills.

Best age suited for: 4 years and up

Disney Hedbanz

Disney Hedbanz requires players to really use their heads…literally!  Wear a set of mickey ears that will hold your character card as you must discover the card on your head through a series of questions.  Perfect for Disney lovers and their families!

Best age suited for: 7 years and up

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Dominoes is one we just started to play as a family.  It is a great addition to our game repertoire and one that is not only fun, but also a great learning game for our daughter.

Best age suited for: 3 years and up

Don’t Make Me Laugh

Don’t Make Me Laugh is a multi-award-winning game that is awesome for a family game night, or when your kids are simply just bored.  Encouraging creativity through creative performances, this silly game is sure to keep your family giggling.

Best age suited for: 5 years and up

Double Ditto

Double Ditto, an award-winning family fun game where you pick a card, read aloud, and then write two answers to the question asked with the goal to match answers to other players.  With over 1,700 Amazon reviews, clearly a popular game and families and adults seem to love it.

Best age suited for: 10 years and up

Family Talk

Family Talk provides great entertainment as an around the table game that can be played with your family.  With fun and silly questions to get everyone talking and laughing, this award-winning family game is perfect for your next downtime.

Best age suited for: 3 years and up


Flarts is a floor dart game that works great for families with varying age groups as any and all ages will enjoy this game.  Can be played inside or outside.

Best age suited for: All ages!

Guess Who

Guess Who makes a fun game out of guessing.  Using yes or no questions, try to figure out who the mystery character is.  Since it is made for two players, the winner plays someone else and so on, until everyone gets their turn to play.

Best age suited for: 6 years and up

Jenga Giant Family Edition

Jenga Giant Family Edition is super fun and super-sized!  Take it outside or play indoors, but rather than the typical table stacking game, kick it up a notch with bigger pieces that stack over three feet high!

Best age suited for: 6 years and up

Kids Create Absurdity

Kids Create Absurdity is a hysterical award-winning new game that will have everyone entertained, guaranteed (they will literally refund your money if you don’t like it!).  This game is all about letting loose and having fun with your family.  Inspired by the popular adult game, Cards Against Humanity, this game is similar but more of an age appropriate version for family play.

Best age suited for: 7 years and up


Mancala, one of the oldest known games, can still be apart of your family fun today.  Not only is it an enjoyable game to play, it also promotes strategy and counting.  This game can be bought or homemade with simple things around the house.

Best age suited for: 8 years and up

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Photo Scavenger Hunts are a unique way to get the family involved in an outdoor walk.  Try looking for different things, such as a shadow, movement, an interesting view of the sky, etc and take pictures of them.  You don’t have to use a fancy camera, unless you want to.  Just your cell phone and have everyone take turns taking photos.  Use this list or make your own!

Best age suited for: 3 years and up

Pie In the Face

Pie In The Face is a game my family could play over and over again.  All you need is a can of whip cream and you have yourself a time filled with laughter.

Best age suited for: All ages!

Taco Vs. Burrito

Taco vs Burrito is a hilarious card game created by a 7-year-old.  Sold in stores nationwide, this game focuses on building the wildest and weirdest meal, but action cards keep things ever changing and drawing the wrong card could put your meal in the trash by the health inspector.

Best age suited for: 7 years and up


Uno is an entertaining card game that is perfect for sitting around the table with your favorite people.  Match the top card on the deck from your cards by color or number or use a specialty card to get a leg up on the competition or draw more cards.

Best age suited for: 7 years and up

Watcha Mouth

Watcha Mouth, comes with 6 adult mouth pieces, 4 child mouth pieces, and 143 phrases you must say while wearing the mouthpieces while the other players must guess what is being said.  With lots of laughter and silliness, this game is sure to give everyone a good time.

Best age suited for: 8 years and up

Yet in My Spaghetti

Yeti in My Spaghetti is a fun game with simple concepts for toddlers.  With an easy setup, and thin noodles, try not to be the one to let the Yeti fall in the Spaghetti bowl.  Super fun for littles and adults alike and also helps work on fine motor skills with young kids.

Best age suited for: 3 years and up


Zingo is terrific for tiny tots who are just learning their letters and getting ready to learn to read.  With simple words and pictures, your little one will love playing this, as mine surely does!

Best age suited for: 4 years and up

What are your favorite games to play with your kids?

by Megan Daniels


games to play with kids

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