20 Things to Make Cooking With Kids Easy

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Are you looking for things to make cooking with kids easy? There are so many great tools and cooking gadgets that can encourage kids to dive into the world of cooking while being safe at the same time. Starting your child off on the right foot when it comes to cooking and using tools properly is key to being safe while also growing their love of cooking. The sooner that you can have a helper in the kitchen, the sooner you can start creating fun and delicious dishes together! 

Here are some of the best gadgets for children to use in the kitchen. 

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20 Things to Make Cooking with Kids Easy

While not all of these kitchen gadgets will apply to your child, there are many here that will. Give your child the confidence to cook and explore recipes by providing them with the proper tools to use. 

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Bear Shape Cutting Tool

This Bear Shape Chopping Tool is really cute and a great safety tool for the kids to use in the kitchen. It will help them learn how to cut without the worry of cutting their hands or fingers. 

Bicycle Pizza Cutter

The next time that you make a pizza at home, let your child use this Bicycle Pizza Cutter to cut it after it’s cooled down. 

Children’s Cooking Knives

Children’s Cooking Knives are a great way to help your child learn how to cut food while keeping their hands and fingers safe.

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Cut Resistant Gloves

If you’re going to be letting your child start cutting with a knife, Cut Resistant Gloves are a must. 

Digital Kitchen Timer

Let the kids have their own Digital Kitchen Timer to keep track of so that they know when recipes and meals are done cooking. 

Dinosaur Mini Waffle Maker

This Dinosaur Mini Waffle Maker is the perfect way for your child to create dinosaur waffles at home! 

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Ice Cream Molds for Popsicles

Ice cream Molds for Popsicles make dessert time super easy! Just have your child fill the molds with fruit and juice and pop them in the freezer for later. Nothing like a simple dessert that is full of health benefits. 

Kid’s Chef Set

This Kid’s Chef Set is the perfect starter set for your little future baker! It comes with an apron, cooking tools, and more! 

Kitchen Step Stool

Using a Kitchen Step Stool is the perfect way to give your child height while helping them stay balanced as well. 

Little Helpers Toddler Cookbook

Does your child want to start creating some of their own snacks and meals? This Little Helpers Toddler Cookbook is full of simple ideas. 

Mini Chopper

This Mini Chopper is simple and a great way for your little one to help chop up veggies. 

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Mini Donut Maker

Who doesn’t love the idea of homemade donuts? This Mini Donut Maker creates perfect donuts every single time! 

Mini Rolling Pin

Using a Mini Rolling Pin is a great way for them to learn how to roll out dough or pie crusts! Everyone loves having their own rolling pin to use. 

Monkey Vegetable Peeler

Does anyone actually like peeling vegetables? This Monkey Vegetable Peeler can make the process a lot more fun for all. 

Personalized Spoons

Every baker loves having their very own Personalized Spoon to be able to stir and cook with. 

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Silly Egg Nose Separator

What a visual! This Silly Egg Nose Egg Separator is a simple and silly way to have your little one be a helper in separating the yolks from the white part of the egg.

Spatula Smiley Face

Give the kids this Spatula Smiley Face for instant smiles and laughs. Great for flipping pancakes! 

Sushi Roller

Use this Sushi Roller as a helper for your child to learn how to roll sushi fast. (It’s also great for adults, too!) 

Unicorn Baking Set

Calling all unicorn fans! This Unicorn Baking Set comes with everything needed to start baking sweet treats! 

Vegetable Cutter Shapes

Vegetable Cutter Shapes are like cookie cutters but for vegetables. When your children can create cute veggie shapes, they’ll want to eat them too! 

This is a great list of things to make cooking with kids easy! All of these items are the perfect way to encourage your child to build confidence and curiosity in the kitchen. 

by Thena Franssen

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