20 Homeschool Organization Supplies 

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When it comes to setting up school at home, there are a few homeschool organization supplies that you’re going to want to have. Even if your schooling at home is temporary or permanent, organization is key to running a productive school day that everyone will be proud of.

If you’re looking for a few great products that would be a great organizational benefit to your homeschooling space at home, take a look at these items and see what would work best.

All of them are functional and would work well in any type of homeschooling setting.

20 Homeschool Organization Supplies 

Even though I’ve listed 20 supplies here, there are so many to pick from! Find a flow that works best for you and your kids and then see what areas you need to improve in. Getting organized can be as simple as that.

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Birch Bookcase Display Stand

Reading is a big part of homeschooling so use this Birch Bookcase Display Stand to have all their books nice and displayed.

Bookcase with Reading Nook

Give the kids a cozy space to relax in like this Bookcase with Reading Nook. It’s literally the perfect place to organize their books and read.

Calendar and Weather Chart

This Calendar and Weather Chart hangs up anywhere and is big for all to see. Teach the kids to learn their days and talk about the weather as well.

Cascading Wall Organizer

So much storage to be had with this Cascading Wall Organizer! The options are truly endless on how you can use this to organize your homeschool space.

Classroom Floor Decal

This Classroom Floor Decal is a super simple way to organize the room and have them have their own spot to learn.

 Classroom Locker

Every kid wants their own locker, right? Give them a Classroom Locker that offers places for storage as well.

Classroom Stack Chairs

Why take up a ton of space in the house when you can use these Classroom Stack Chairs. These chairs are great for kids, easy to clean, and they literally stack on top of each other so that they don’t take up a ton of space.

Daily Schedule Pocket Chart

This Daily Schedule Pocket Chart is a good way to assign everyone their assignments and tasks for the day.

Desk File Tray

Use this Desk File Tray to keep track of assignments and more.

Multi-Section Storage Cabinet

This Multi-Section Storage Cabinet proves that you can never have too much storage. It holds a lot of stuff and would be great for a multi-kid household.

Pencil Dispenser

Keep track of all the pencils with this Pencil Dispenser. If you’ve ever wondered where they all go, you’ll never have to worry again.

Portable Lap Desk

Use this Portable Lap Desk as a fun way to have them stay focused on assignments from different parts of the house.

Portable White Board

This Portable White Board makes it super nice to have the kids be able to do schooling in other rooms of the house.

 Private Study Homeschool Divider

Do your kids not want to be bothered by each other? All you need are a couple of these Private Study Homeschool Divider to solve that issue.

Reward Incentive Card

You’ll love this Reward Incentive Card as a simple tracking method to be able to give the kids positive rewards.

Standing Mobile Whiteboard

If you’re going to be standing up teaching at any point, this Standing Mobile Whiteboard is perfect!

Student Organizer

Organization starts with the kids and this Student Organizer is a great option for them to have!

Teacher Plan Book

The Teacher Plan Book is a wonderful tool to help you get organized and plan a bit ahead.

Rolling Storage Cart

This Rolling Storage Cart is a simple way to store all those art supplies so that they’re all in one simple place.

Wooden Pencil Holder

Never waste time looking for another lost pencil with this Wooden Pencil Holder.

As you can see, this list of homeschool organization items is jam-packed full of great ideas. No matter if you’re looking at these items for you or for the kids, everyone is going to benefit from this list.

Which of these homeschool organization items do you think that you’re going to be adding to your homeschool?

by Thena Franssen




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