Thank You Cards

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When I was younger, my mom used to make me write thank you notes every time I received a gift from someone. You can imagine after a birthday party, how much torment that was for a little kid, having to sit there are write around 20 thank you notes. I know you’re thinking, but you enjoyed the gifts right, so you should be willing to say thank you. As an adult, I recognize that; as a kid, I didn’t want to sit and write anything, much less thank you notes.

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thank you cards

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Fast forward (many years) to when I got married, and now I was writing thank you notes on a much bigger scale. We had to have a system to log all the gifts on a sheet so we wouldn’t forget who gave us what. We had so many thank you notes to write, it took a couple of months to get through them all. That is not a project I would like to repeat.

With my kids, I go back and forth. I believe that saying thank you for the gift is important, and since nowadays gifts aren’t opened at parties, and everyone giving you a gift isn’t always there anyway, a thank you card is the best way to say thank you. Not only is it a way to say thank you for taking time to think of me and something that I would like, but it is also a way to let people know you have received the gift. I have sent gifts before and never heard from the person, so I didn’t know if they received the gift or if it never made it them.

Sure, in the world of technology, you could send an email, but an email feels impersonal to me. They took time to find a gift that they know you would like, in most cases at least, my kids and I can take a few minutes to write a thank you note.

I make sure not to dictate what my kids write on their thank you notes. My son, in my opinion, writes the best thank you notes. He will start talking about random things in his life or something that he learned along with the thank you. He will also usually draw a picture of some sort on his cards as well. I think putting a little bit of creativity into his cards makes it a bit more fun for him to write them.

For small businesses, I think it’s the same. I love when I order something from Etsy or from a small seller that I found on TikTok and they send me a Thank You card with the purchase. It makes me feel appreciated as a customer. Even if they send one to every customer, it still makes me feel more as a person vs. a number and makes me much more likely to go back to that store again.

As a person who has written hundreds of thank you cards in their lifetime, I 100% know that they can take a lot of time to write. It’s not just what to say, it’s the actual writing time. Well, what if you could have someone, or something, else write the cards for you? With Handwrytten, you can do exactly that. You can choose from different types of handwriting and a robot with a pen will “handwrite” the cards for you. If you own a small business, this is a definite game-changer.

If you are a bride-to-be, a soon-to-be mom, or throwing a milestone party, Handwrytten will make life so much easier. Simply upload a spreadsheet with what you want to say in each card and they will be written for you and best of all, it looks just like the real thing.


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