Join a Credit Union – Have More Money for Family Fun

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Once you have kids, money doesn’t go as far it used to. Everything costs more, from utility bills, to eating out and entertainment. You do have those couple of golden years, when they are under 5 and they can get into amusement parks for free and they don’t eat much, but once they hit 6 costs tend to go up.

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As you probably know, if you are on this site, I love to explore Orlando and its environs with my kids, so I have had to figure out how to save, not just on activities, but in other parts of my life as well. One of the ways that I have found, is saving on bank costs; it’s small, but it adds up. I was with my former bank for approximately 20 years, but they had fees for everything and their customer service at their closest branch wasn’t that great. I had heard people speak before of Credit Unions and the benefits that they received such as low costs and better service.

I decided to check out the Credit Union closest to me and opened up an account. They had no fees for a business account, while my regular bank was going to charge me every month.  Credit Unions usually have no or lower fees for personal and business accounts and they usually have lower rates on auto loans and mortgages as well. While each individual saving may be small, they do add up over time. You can take those savings and put into a holiday/fun account that you can find at most Credit Unions, and use that money for your Orlando family fun.

You might be thinking that you are not certain if you are eligible to join a Credit Union. While there are still credit unions that exist that are only open to certain groups, such as teachers, most are open to everyone.

To find the Credit Unions closest to you, so you can start saving on fees and putting that money to better use, go to https://findcreditunions.com/find-a-credit-union/. Enter your zip code and they will give you a list of the Credit Unions closest to you. Click on each Credit Union listed to get more information about each one. Decide which one you think works best for you and sign up for an account online or in-store.

Come back and let us know what type of family fun you have been able to have with your savings.

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