Creating Splatter Art at Pinspiration

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My kids love to do art. We have tried a variety of different art classes from drawing to painting to ceramics and more. They also like to make a mess. Which kid doesn’t? So when I heard about splatter painting at Pinspiration, I thought that it was a great combination of those two things and would be a good time for all of us.

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Pinspiration, How it works?

As there are only two splatter rooms onsite, you need to make a reservation online to ensure that there is space for you. When you arrive at Pinspiration, they will have your blank canvases waiting for you at a table in the main room. Small canvases are included in the splatter room price, but you can also purchase additional large canvases.

You are given masking tape, so that you can create the design that you want on your canvas. My son needed some help ripping the tape and one of the employees was glad to assist him. The same person took us back into our splatter room, helped the kids get outfitted in their gear – a plastic raincoat, booties and goggles, and explained how to paint.

We were supposed to flick the paint at the canvases, but not paint directly on the canvases or paint the walls themselves. After that we got to work making our pictures. I don’t think the kids really had a specific color scheme in mind, especially the little one; they just loved flinging paint at the canvases.

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After we deemed out canvases sufficiently painted we removed our paint attire and returned to the main room. We were supplied with tweezers remove the tape from our canvases and reveal the final design. You don’t know quite how they are going to turn out while you are painting, but all of us loved our final result.


Tip: Don’t put too much tape or make the taped sections too wide, as that throws off the ratio of painted section to unpainted section on your picture.

What else is there to do at Pinspiration?

If you love doing art, but aren’t the greatest at doing it on your own, like me, then Pinspiration is a perfect place to visit. They have a variety of paintings that you can create yourself, but they give you step-by-step directions. You can also paint ceramics, create wooden signs, do acrylic pours and more.

Pinspiration is also a great option for a birthday party or a couples’ night out. They have a dedicated party room and a dedicated couples’ splatter room.


The cost of the splatter room is $18 per person which includes a small canvas.

Upgrades include a large canvas for $25 or glow-in-the-dark tape for $25.

I recommend tipping the person that helps you get set up for the splatter room which can add another 10-15% to your total.

Other projects done in the main art room differ in cost based on the project chosen.

What is there to do near there?

Pinspiration is located in Oviedo. It is not too far away from Oviedo Mall or From Center Lake Park which has some great places to grab lunch. We had lunch at the Maple Street Biscuit Company and I highly recommend it.

Go or No Go

The splatter room at Pinspiration was a lot of fun for us. If you have never been I would recommend it as a fun activity.

Location and Phone

1121 Alafaya Trail Suite 1017
Oviedo FL 32765
Phone: (407) 986-8812





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