20 Products to Take Camping with Kids

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It’s that time to start thinking about camping season and getting out and about with the kids. The weather is just about perfect to spend some time sleeping under the stars, but you’ll want to be certain that you have all the items that you need to get started. While you don’t need to overly stress about things to have with your camping trip with the kids, there are a few items that you’ll be happy to have on hand!

20 Products to Take Camping with Kids

Here are some of the best products to take camping with camps!

camping with kids

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Having a lightweight Backpack is a simple way to pack light for your camping trip.

Bird Playing Cards

Bird Playing Cards are a fun way to have a family game night when camping. These cards are cute with a variety of different birds on them that you can then try and spot in the woods.


Binoculars make exploring a ton of fun and are a great way to see nature up close, without actually having to get up close.

Camping Chair

Everyone needs a Camping Chair that they can use to have to sit around the fire. Kids camping chairs are the perfect size for little bodies.

Camping Lights

Camping Lights are a must when camping with kids because there’s a really good chance that they’re going to want to be out and about in the dark. (also, a must for going potty during the night!)

Camping Tent

Make certain that you have a Camping Tent that is big enough to hold everyone in the family.

Camping Notepads

Camping Notepads give the kids the freedom to write and express their thoughts and feelings while connecting with nature.

Creative Camping Crafts

Creative Camping Crafts are a must to take when camping because it keeps the kids active and creative, both.

Explorer Kit for Kids

Having an Explorer Kit for Kids will give them all the tools that they need to explore in the wild.

Headlamp Flashlight

Headlamp Flashlight might not be a “must” but the kids will love having this on their head to be hands free for all their other fun activities.

Kids Hammock

Your kids will love relaxing in their own Hammock. It’s a perfect place for some downtime.

Lawn Darts

Lawn Darts is another easy way to play a fun game with the family. This is one that everyone can join in on!

Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

You literally cannot go camping without having Marshmallow Roasting Sticks!

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Having a Nature Scavenger Hunt is a simple way to get the kids moving and exploring in the wild!

Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bags when camping is the perfect way to stay warm and add some extra comfort when sleeping in a tent.

Toddler Cot

If the kids don’t want to sleep on the ground, a Toddler Cot can be a great solution and one that is easy to transport.

Toss and Catch Ball Game

Bring some fun games when camping like this Toss and Catch Ball Game! This type of activity is so much family fun!

Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkies are a super simple way to get the kids interacting with one another and having fun! They’re a great way to step away from the electronics and get back to different forms of fun communication.

Water Bottle

Make certain that all the kids have their own Water Bottle to stay hydrated.

Waterproof Hiking Boots

Pack up a pair of Waterproof Hiking Boots for the kids so that they can go out and play and explore the elements.

As you can see, this list for items to take camping with kids is full of great things that are a must and things that aren’t necessarily a need but can add fun to the trip! No matter what, pack for what you and your kids will need most!

What other items would you like to add to your family camping trip? 

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