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Celebrate Week of the Young Child With Your Kids

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Every year, for the past fifty years, the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) chooses one week in April to celebrate children.  The Week of the Young Child offers educators and families the chance to recommit to children through fun and simple activities.  Here is a list of daily activities that the whole family can enjoy!

Week of the Young Child

This year, the Week of the Young Child starts on April 2. Here are some fun activities to do with kids during that week.

things to do with young kids

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Music Monday

Sing, dance, or learn a song together

Choose one of your child’s favorite songs and, along with props like scarves, ribbons, or something homemade, sing and dance!  Once you are done dancing and singing to one of your kiddo’s favorite song, choose a new song that you can learn together and then dance and sing to the new song too!

Have a Music Parade

There’s nothing is better than a parade!  Gather the family together and let each member create a musical instrument; once the instruments are made, create your own tune and have a parade in the house or through the neighborhood.

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Tasty Tuesday

Taco Tuesday

You had me at tacos!  They are simple and easy to make.  With very few ingredients and some adult supervision, the kiddos will be so excited to make dinner for the family.

Pizza Party

This is a fan favorite!  You can make your own pizza dough or a store bought will do too.  Let your child help to measure the sauce and have them pile on the toppings.  Once you put in the oven, let them watch the magic happen – they will be ready to chow done on fresh, delicious pizza of their own making!

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Work Together Wednesday

Grocery Shopping

They are back in the kitchen again!  Have your little ones help you to create the weekly grocery list.  Once it is prepared, take a ride to your local grocery store.  You can then choose if you would like your child to help bag the groceries or help to unload them when you get home.

Learning to Use Simple Tools

Children love to learn about how things work and the tools to make them work.  Consider teaching your kiddos about simple tools like a standing mixer, a screwdriver, or some other tools you may have around the house.  We recommend adult supervision with any tools, simple or complex.

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Artsy Thursday

Make a Community Masterpiece

Children should be exposed to creativity every day and what better way to do it than to create an art exhibit right in their home!  Tape a large piece of butcher paper to a wall in the home.  Next, gather different mediums for the kiddos to create wonderful works of art – crayons, markers, paint, even stickers, will all add to the masterpiece that will stay on display in their home.

Decorate a T-shirt

You can go as fancy or as simple as you like with this one.  Gather some fabric markers, fabric paint, and a plain white t-shirt and let your child’s imagination run wild.  If you would like to go fancy, try tie dyeing the shirt.  The whole family can join in on the fun too.  we recommend adult supervision for this activity.

Family Friday

Schedule a Morning Mixer

Create invites for the entire family to meet on a specific morning.  You can choose to have your children make breakfast for the entire family or keep it simple where the family can create something together; perhaps do a puzzle, an arts and crafts activity, or just spending time together without any electronic.

Create a “Home Life” Exhibit/Show and Share

Each family member will present an item that is special to them.  They will talk about this item – a teddy bear, blanket, trophy, etc. – and explain what about the item means so much to them.  Once they have spoken about it, the item should be place in the “exhibit” area for the entire family to enjoy.

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