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Brunch at STK Orlando

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A couple of weekends ago, my daughter and I headed over to Disney Springs for brunch. We were going to STK. To be honest, I didn’t know much about STK Orlando or what it offered (besides the obvious steak of course); I didn’t even know that it offered brunch until a couple of weeks before we went. But, we were staying over at Animal Kingdom Lodge for the weekend, and I was looking for somewhere nice in Disney Springs where my daughter and I could go out for a bit without her younger brother in tow. My dad was in town, so he could hang out with the 7-year-old, while the 12-year-old and I headed out for some much-needed bonding time.

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Brunch at STK Orlando

While STK probably isn’t the first restaurant that comes to mind for taking the kids or for brunch for that matter, it was great in both aspects. Well, let me temper that a little; it is great for older kids who are ready for a more bit more of an upscale dining experience. Not that it is stuffy, but it just isn’t really for younger kids unless they are a bit of a foodie. My 7-year-old would have loved the lobster eggs benedict; my now 12-year-old at 7, would not have gone anywhere near it, so it really depends on your kids and their likes and dislikes.

Food at STK Orlando

You probably are most interested in what there is to eat at STK Orlando for brunch. They have a variety of items from breakfast items to more traditional lunch/dinner items. We tried a variety of foods including Lobster and Eggs Benedict with caviar, Wagyu Burger BKFT, Cinammon French Toast, Hot Chicken and Waffle and Bag O’ Donuts with multiple dipping sauces. For us the chicken and waffles was hands-down the winner. Both my daughter and I loved this dish. Coming in second place was the French toast; it was just really tasty. And the fries, not certain what they do to them, but they were better than pretty much every fry that I have ever had.

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Since STK is first and foremost a steakhouse, you can order different cuts of steak for brunch as well as the breakfast/lunch combo of steak and eggs.

The full bar is available for brunch. I had a drink called the Strawberry Cobbler, which was tasty but strong (I am lightweight when it comes to drinks) and my daughter got a mocktail called Don’t Mock Me which was like a nojito (mojito with no alcohol). She really liked that it came in a grown-up glass and that she got to be “fancy”. STK also offers unlimited mimosas or bloody marys for $30 at brunch.

What about dessert? In addition to the aforementioned Bag O’ Donuts, there is is chocolate cake, apple pie, cheesecake and warm chocolate chip cookie available for dessert at brunch. If you have kids like mine, I am sure one of these desserts will appeal to them.


Brunch items at STK start at $21 and go up to $44 for the Truffle Steak and Eggs. The cost of steaks, of course, are more expensive and range from $44 to $85, but if you stick to the brunch menu, that is much more affordable.

Also Important to Note

STK Orlando offers brunch on Saturday and Sunday. If you have tried to find a place serving brunch on a Saturday in Orlando before, you know how notable it is that STK offers brunch on both weekend days.

There is a DJ playing live music starting at 12pm on both days making it a very lively atmosphere. You will want to go before if the noise might bother you or schedule later if you want to be there when the DJ is there.

How to Get There

The best place to park at Disney Springs is the Orange garage. If you walk into Disney Springs from the Orange garage exit by AMC Dine-in and go straight, you will see STK right in front of you. It is just across the bridge.

Go or No Go

We would definitely recommend STK brunch as a nice time out for parents and older kids.

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