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30 Fun Science Experiments for Kids

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One of my kids favorite at home activities is science. They love conducting their own at home science experiments and trying to figure out how things work. We have put together a list of 30 fun science experiments for kids that both parents and kids will enjoy doing.

Fun Science Experiments for Kids

Here are 30 fun science experiments for kids

science experiments for kids
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science experiments for kids

  1. Make a Levitating Orb: Make an orb levitate just like the magicians do, except this is not magic, it’s science!
  2. Invisible Licorice: Creating Invisible Licorice might be magic or it could just be science, but your kids will never be able to tell.
  3. Kid Safe Lava Lamps: Add a little pop to your kids room with their own DIY lava lamp.
  4. Walking on Eggs: Normally eggs would break if we walk on them. But, what if eggs weren’t so fragile and were strong enough that we could Walk on Eggs?
  5. Dyed Plants: Have plants absorb water with food coloring in it and see how that affects the plants color.
  6. Magnetic Cereal: Did you know that cereal has iron in it? Using this Magnetic Cereal experiment you find out.
  7. Glowing Bubbles: Kids will love glowing bubbles. Turn off the lights and enjoy popping them.
  8. Exploding Lunch Bag: Kids love making things explode. This exploding lunch bag experiment will tons of fun for them.
  9. Growing Gummy Bears: You wouldn’t want to eat these gummy bears but, it would be really cool to watch them grow.
  10. Rock Candy in a Glass: This will be a delicious sweet treat and a fun science experiment when you create Rock Candy in a Glass.
  11. Ice Cream in a Bag: Since you can’t go out and get any why not make your own Ice Cream at home with this recipe.
  12. Make Your own Butter: Take it one step further from making your own ice cream and make your own butter.
  13. Sparkly Volcano: Create a Sparkly Volcano using baking soda, vinegar, and glitter.
  14. Rainbow in a Glass: Create a Rainbow in a Glass using skittles.
  15. Balloon Speakers: Use a balloon and test what you can hear with its vibrations in this science experiment.

    Make sure you have the right equipment for your at home science experiments. My son has this kit and he loves it.

  16. Snow Fluff: Since in Orlando we don’t get real snow, why not make your own with cornstarch and shaving cream.
  17. Crystal Snowflake: Add some snowflakes to the snow you created above. Create your own crystal snowflakes.
  18. Homemade Play-Doh: No need to go into stores to try and find some just stay at home and make your own!
  19. Expanding Soap: Why buy soap when you could just make yours grow?
  20. Water Fireworks: Finally fireworks that are safe for us all. Make water fireworks at home.
  21. Bath Salts: Make your own bath salts to add some more relaxation to bath time.
  22. Tornado in a Bottle: Make your own sparkly natural disaster in a bottle with this recipe.
  23. Make Your Own Quicksand: In the wild, quicksand would be dangerous but making your own at home is perfectly safe.
  24. Create Invisible Ink: Send secret messages to your friends by making your own Invisible Ink.
  25. Ice Cube Magic: It’s not really magic but it’s still a cool science experiment to cut an ice cube in half.
  26. Eggshell Geode Crystals: Instead of throwing out your eggshells why not make Geode Crystals with them.
  27. Make an Electromagnet: Find some coins or even a lost earring by making your own magnet in this at home science experiment.
  28. Build a Fizz Inflator: You don’t need helium to fill up a balloon; you just need vinegar and baking soda for this science experiment.
  29. Soap Powered Boat:  You don’t need a motor to make a boat move. This boat is powered by soap.
  30. Baking soda volcano: Here is a twist on the typical baking soda volcano that we made when we were kids.

Which of these science experiments are you most looking forward to doing with your kids?

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science experiments for kids

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