How to Save on Family Activities

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Are you looking for tips on how to save on activities? While you might be wanting to go out and about and do fun things as a family, the truth of the matter is that all activities typically have some sort of fee attached to them. This might feel as though it’s a bit of a deterrent, but it doesn’t have to be limiting. As long as you know the best places to look to save money on activities and outings, you can easily save anywhere from 10% and up for every activity that you and the family want to do.

Here are the top tips on how to save on family activities in a simple and easy way.

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How to Save on Family Activities

If you’re looking for simple ways to save on family fun activities and local outings, here are the top resources to check to find the latest and greatest deals.

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Groupon is going to be one of your more consistent sites to save money with because it’s such a large company that can offer a wide variety of deals. The great part about using Groupon as a money-saving option is that you can really focus on areas and activities that you’re looking at doing.

You can search by town or state and even by the type of event or activity that you’re looking for. Keep in mind that there tend to be a few extra fees associated with using Groupon so factor that into your planning and expenses once you pay. The other thing to know about Groupon is that there can be blackout dates or rules that apply so read the fine print before purchasing to make certain it’s exactly what you need.

Groupon also offers great discounts on laptops and other electronics as well which can be a great way to get homeschooling items or needed electronic updates.


Goldstar is a great way to save money on events and activities for families. Their easy-to-use platform makes it simple to look up concerts, ticket events, and other theater productions and get the best possible pricing for all. Think of this as a way to score great discounts on anything and everything entertainment.

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Living Social

Living Social offers deals up to 80% off on travel, activities, and more. You can narrow down your search by state or activities as well and score some pretty sweet deals and savings.

Sightseeing Pass

With the Sightseeing Pass you can save on visiting multiple local attractions with the kids. We recommend purchasing a FLEX ticket, which lets you choose up to 5 attractions that you want to visit and gives you up to 60 days to visit them.

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Travel Zoo

You’re going to find all the deals about travel on Travel Zoo! Even if you’re wanting to plan your next family vacation, you’ll find the ease of this site worth going to. Find great discounts on local activities as well as places to travel to in other locations and states. This is a pretty big network to choose from so there are a lot of offers and specials constantly happening.

USA Savings Pass

The USA Savings Pass is a great way to save on activities in Orlando as well as other places that you are visiting. You pay a one-time fee for the pass and then you receive discounts for a year on hundreds of attractions, restaurants and stores.

Company Website

You might be surprised to find out that just by going online and checking out the website directly of the place that you’re wanting to visit, you might find some of the best deals and discounts there! You can also pick up the phone and call and ask about any specials or discounts that they might have coming up or currently running.

Since a lot of companies pay fees to these discounts sites to help promote, they’re often more than happy to offer a direct discount to customers to cut out that middle man. You never know until you ask!

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Local Chamber of Commerce

If you’re looking for specific activities or ideas for an area, contact the local chamber of commerce and see what they might have to offer. Oftentimes, they have discounts or coupons to hand out to people to help promote the local tourism in the area. And even if they don’t have deals, since they’re local they might be able to help guide you on where to find deals or ways to get a better price elsewhere.

When it comes to finding ways to save money on activities, there are quite a few choices that can work. Don’t forget to also see if places offer a “happy hour” price for visiting during less busy days or during slower times of the day.

With just a few simple questions and a bit of searching, you’ll be able to save a ton of money on the activities that you and the family are really wanting to do!

by Thena Franssen

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