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Go Geocaching in Orlando

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Want to go on a treasure hunt with the kids? Then you need to try geocaching. Geocaching is basically a scavenger hunt where you use a GPS device to find containers that others have hidden. It is a great way to get out and explore the area as a family and to get everyone outside and enjoy the beautiful weather of the Sunshine State.

If you’re ready to go out and about and seek new hidden treasure, geocaching is a fun way to make that happen. Let’s get out there and join the geocaching community!

Geocaching  in Orlando with kids

Here are some geocaching fun locations that you and the kids can do in and around the local Orlando area and central Florida.

orlando geocaches

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Attack of the 50′ Woman!

Intrigued? You should be! You’re going to be looking for an image of the 50′ Woman to find the treasure on your hunt. This area is one of the typical tourist destinations with people seeking bargains so there is going to be a lot going on in this area.

Around the World: West Beach

When it comes to taking a stroll at the park, don’t miss out on the geocache at Around the World: West Beach. Just follow the directions and see what you can find in that little park. Should be a fairly simple one to locate and is worth visiting.

Beacon Park

Beacon Park is a quiet area near Lake Nona and in an area of Orlando that is not overly busy. This is a great option if you want a geocache site in a quieter area.

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Bee Head Ranch Time Capsule

Is your family a bunch of true adventure seekers? Bee Head Ranch Time Capsule is waiting for you to explore. Follow the directions found here and get ready for a true adventure.

Be certain to be careful as this is an area where hunting is allowed periodically.

Bill Frederick Park 

Keep your eyes peeled and try to find the prize at Bill Frederick Park. Pay attention to the cache description and find the exact location to see what you can find. Just be ready…I hear that there’s a combination that you’ll have to solve as well so get your problem-solving skills up to date.

Celebrate Disney II

Get excited. This is a themed geocache that is all about Disney. Pay attention to the clues and have fun finding the hidden geocache. It’s also been noted that there is a letterbox in the vicinity as well which is certain to be another fun find.

Crockett’s Wilderness Adventure

You’ll actually want to stay at the resort to be able to do this adventure but that just adds to this fun outdoor activity. There is some walking and boating that has to be done to find this geocaching location.

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The Gazebo at Orlando Park

This just proves that you can literally find treasures from geocaching everywhere! Some are easier to find than others but you’re going to love the hunt no matter what. The Gazebo at Orlando Park is one of those special places that you and the kids need to go search.

Little Lake Bryan Cache

Harry Potter fans will enjoy finding this favorite spot. You will want to be careful as there are muggles about and this cache is located off of a busy street.

As you can see, there are so many fun geocaching options in and around the Orlando Florida area. If you’re ready to get out and explore. it’s time to give geocaching a try! Put on some comfy boots and put your thinking caps on!

Walt Disney World

The Walt Disney World geocaches are all virtual caches using a gps-enabled device. There is a Disney location in the Magic KingdomAnimal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. The Epcot cache will be reinstated once the construction is finished.

Operation Recreation Geo Tour 

If you’re looking for some really great geocaching for kids, pair up with the Florida State Parks and check out their Operation Recreation Geo Tour. There are TONS of family-friendly geocaching options that will have you and the kids traveling all around the parks. While some of these aren’t located specifically in Orlando, you should still consider visiting them all, and would be great for a short road trip.

Use their checklist and see how many state parks you can visit. You’ll be amazed at everything that you and the kids can find!

Preparing for your Geocaching Adventure

Before you head out on your geocaching adventure make sure you and your family are prepared with a full packing list of the necessary gear. Food items, water-tight baggies, athletic clothing, personal water bottles (this ironflask is a good option and it is cheaper than a hydroflask), and appropriate footwear are all essential when heading for a great day out.

After reading this article, we hope you are ready to grab your GPS and head out on a treasure hunt with the kids!




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