Places to go Kayaking with Kids in the Orlando Area

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Are you excited about the thought of taking your children kayaking? If so, join the crowd! Kayaking with kids is such a fun and simple way to get them active and outdoors, all while learning new skills. But when you’re ready to take that next step, how do you even figure out where to go? Luckily, the Orlando area is home to some of the best places to go kayaking with kids!

When you’re ready to load up the kayaks (or rent a few!), this list of family-friendly kayaking options will be so helpful in your planning process. All that’s left to do is pick a day to get out on the water!

Here are some of the best places to go kayaking with kids in and around the Orlando area.

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Lake Tohopekaliga

Going out on a kayak on “Lake Toho” is certain to make family memories. It’s over 18,000 acres large and full of fish and other fun wildlife as well. While this area gets pretty busy during the summer months, its large size helps to spread it out.

The views are stunning and the water is so inviting! Anytime that you can get out on a lake and paddle your way around without worry sounds like the perfect way to spend the day.

Cape Canaveral National Seashore

If you’re looking for untouched beauty, Cape Canaveral National Seashore is calling your name. It’s a hidden gem that you can just put your kayak in and be amazed by nature and beauty that will surround you.

People who have been to this location rave about how serene and truly beautiful it is. It’s time to experience that feeling for yourself.

Blue Springs State Park

Even though it’s a tad bit of a drive from Orlando, kayaking at Blue Springs State Park is worth the trip! And if the kayaks happen to tip over, the water is 72 degrees and so refreshing!

Kayak rentals are also available at this location as well.

Lake Louisa

Calm waters make Lake Louisa an easy choice for kayaking with the kids. Plus, the surrounding town offers some great eateries and fun shopping experiences as well. You could easily make this a fun family outing full of tons of activities and excitement!

While it’s a short drive from the Orlando area, it’s worth it to have such a fun and memorable experience together.

Shingle Creek

There is a great 2-mile stretch at Shingle Creek that you’ll find many people paddling and kayaking in. Make certain to take your time and keep your eyes peeled for all the fun nature “treasures” as well.

And if your family likes to hike, there are also several great trails here for that as well. Pack up the swimsuits and water shoes and get ready for a great day full of adventure!

Wekiwa Springs

If you’re wanting to introduce your child to water that is completely clear that you can see to the bottom, kayaking in Wekiwa Springs is where you need to be!

This is also a great place for new kayakers to get their feet wet and test out the water. The calmness of the water will help to build confidence and ease into kayaking at a steady and slow pace.

Just know that since this is spring water, the temperature does tend to be a bit colder than other bodies of water! Most people find it quite refreshing but if you happen to tip your kayak and go in, it’s a sudden shock to some!

The Paddling Center off Shingle Creek

If you’re looking for more of a guided tour or are needing some assistance when it comes to kayaking, The Paddling Center is a great resource as well that can provide you with a ton of helpful tips, information, and more.

Since they’re located off of Shingle Creek, their location gives access to some great kayaking opportunities as well – plus, they’ll have everything that you need to get started and get out on the water quickly.

Sometimes having that extra help in getting set up and building your confidence and the confidence of the kids isn’t a bad thing at all!

Rock Creek Run

If you’re wanting to give your child a whole new experience, Rock Creek Run actually has campsites that you can kayak to and stay the night! What a fun adventure and experience that would be, right?

You just have to pack a few extra things and then use your kayaks to get to that point for the evening. And don’t worry, there are kayak rental options available as well so that you can just show up and go.

Lake County Blueways

You’ll find a variety of kayakers and other water lovers at Lake County Blueways. There are actually more than 130 miles of choices when it comes to getting out on the water.

You can easily bring your own kayak or find a rental place close by, too. Just be certain to map out the route that you’re wanting to take so you and your children can fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the area. There is always something to be seen here and it’s such a fun time!

As you can see, there is no shortage of kayaking options for kids in and around the Orlando area. Just be certain to pack your sunscreen, your life jackets, and your kayak and paddles (if you own them) and get ready for a full day of adventure and exploring!

Do you have any other recommendations for the best places to go kayaking with kids in and around the Orlando area?

by Thena Franssen

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