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While we all love going out to experience Orlando area attractions in person, for the forseeable future, visiting these attractions will be more difficult. But, who wants to miss out on all the fun? Definitely, not me. Don’t worry you don’t have to. You can experience Orlando attractions online.

This list of virtual destinations and activities is certain to hold something exciting for you to view. Gather up the kids, make certain that your internet connection is strong, and snuggle down for a fun virtual activity from home. Here are some of the top activities that Orlando offers online.

experience orlando attractions at home

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Central Florida Zoo

Beware, these virtual activities are addictive. But the Central Florida Zoo has Facebook lives that really engage and show you some cute animals! You’ll get to meet animals, learn about them, and possibly even strengthen your animal knowledge or learn something new.

All you have to do is tune in and watch. The cute animals just appear on your screen like magic.

Crayola Experience

When you can’t physically go have a Crayola Experience, why not bring it to you? Print off some of their free ideas for crafts and use their virtual suggestions to make a real-life craft.

They have a ton of great ideas on their site that are good for a wide variety of ages. Check back frequently as well to see if anything has been added or changed.

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iFly Orlando Indoor Skydiving

Yes, it’s possible to experience a bit of the rush of sky diving even when you’re not actually up in the air. While it might not be the real thing, it’s still a super fun virtual activity that everyone should experience at least once.

This is quite a popular activity and is not for the faint of heart. They’ll gear you up in everything that you need to have an enjoyable and safe “dive” from the sky.

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Calling all reptile lovers. If you or your child like to learn about crocs, lizards, and more, tune in to their YouTube channel to get some great videos and up close and personal views.

Sit down with your child and have fun learning about the reptiles as well. You’re certain to learn something interesting from all the videos that they have!

Legoland Florida Resort

If you’re a LEGO fan, you don’t want to miss out on this. Who says you can’t get the thrill of a roller coaster from home? Join in on the ride of your life from your couch and have fun on The Dragon roller coaster ride.

Orlando Science Center

Who says that learning has to cease once the summer months hit? In fact, this is the perfect time to beat that summer slump and enroll the kids in some of their fun virtual STEM camps. While this might be an online virtual camp experience, they still do offer the format of traditional camp as well.

Each child enrolled will have the ability to connect with instructors as well as other campers, too. It’s a great learning experience that is not only educational but fun also.

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Seaworld Orlando

Everyone loves penguins and while you may not be able to see them live at SeaWorld, being able to explore them and their habitats are so much fun. Kids will love to see them waddle around and parents can use this as a great time to educate the kids about the lifespan of penguins and other fun interesting information, too.

Walt Disney World Resort

Walt Disney World has so many fun virtual activities to see online. They update their YouTube channel with great ideas and you can easily access them all. Some things to keep your eyes open for are their recipes, fun tours, character meet and greets, and more! Simulation rides are some of the best and as you can tell from this Space Mountain ride, they’re so much fun to do!

The great part about all of their virtual activities is that they make new ones all the time. Just subscribe to their channel to get the latest updates and information.

World of Escape in Orlando

Want to add a whole other level of challenges to your escape room experiences? Add a little bit of virtual reality to the fun. Cool graphics and special effects are all part of the fun. And just might make you not be able to escape in enough time…Are you up for the challenge?

Orlando has so many virtual activities that you just don’t want to miss out on. Some are more thrilling while there are others that let you just sit back and enjoy. And while you might feel like you have to narrow it down on this list, you really don’t. Take your time to explore them all and choose the ones that fit your interest the most. Regardless, they’re all a great experience to try!

Do you have any other Orlando virtual activities to add to the list?

by Thena Franssen

Photo courtesy of iFly Orlando

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