Things to do at Central Florida Zoo with kids

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Zoos are such an amazing place to take the kids but have you ever really explored everything that they have to offer? If you’re wondering about all the things to do at Central Florida Zoo with kids, you’re in luck. You may not even realize that you can literally spend a whole day at the zoo and still feel like there is more to see.

When you’re ready to be one with the animals and explore the Central Florida Zoo, make certain that you don’t miss any of the fun attractions below. Spending the day at the zoo sounds right about perfect right now.

Things to do at Central Florida Zoo with kids

The zoo in Central Florida is literally packed full of fun family activities. The list below will give you a small sneak peek of some of the fun activities that are available during your visit.

things to do with kids at Central Florida Zoo

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Visit the Barnyard Buddies Children’s Zoo

How does spending the day petting the cutest animals on the planet sound? You can make a quick pit stop at the children’s zoo and interact with a bunch of cute animals as well. If llamas are what you love, llama’s are what you’ll get.

Seminole Aerial Adventures

Does someone in your family like to climb? If so, make certain that you have a few hours to spend at the Seminole Aerial Adventures. It’s a fun one to be active and feel as though you’re as high as the treetops as you’re making your way around the zoo.

Feed the giraffes

Have you ever actually fed a giraffe? Did you know that their tongue is black? It’s a fun fact to know because if not, you’d be totally surprised when they open up their mouths to take a bite.

When you’re planning your visit to the zoo, make certain to add the giraffe feeding to your list. Take turns and let everyone in the family join in on the fun. The giraffes are certain to be hungry enough to eat more than what you have to offer.

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Cool Down at the Tropical Splash Ground

Depending on when you’re planning your visit to the zoo, the temperatures are going to be super hot. Have the kids wear their suits underneath their clothes so that they drive off quickly and let them run around and play in the water to cool down.

It’s a simple way to keep them cool and burn some energy at the same time.

Ride the Carousel

Pick the animal of your choice and hop on! Riding the carousel at the zoo is fun no matter what your age. The kids will love it, and I’m certain that if you want to hop on and ride, you’re going to love it, too!

Find a barnyard buddy

Making friends with the barnyard animals is always a good idea. And if you and your kids aren’t used to being around barn animals, a trip to the zoo can cure that for you.

There are many cute animals that you and your family can get up close and personal too. It’s a fun experience to pet some animals that the kids maybe haven’t petted before.

Rhino Encounters

If you have the time, make certain to check out the rhinos. They’re such a fun and unique animal and really can be quite “hams” in front of an audience!

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Talk to the animal keepers

Talking to the animal keepers is really fun to do. Be certain to see if there are any scheduled times to talk to them or if they’re having a Q&A type session at the zoo. If not, you might be able to talk to one as they’re working with the animals. It’s always fun to pick their brains!

Get your face painted

Visiting the zoo is the perfect time to get your face painted! The kids will love getting it done but don’t forget to pamper yourself as well. It’s a fun way to let them express themselves or even have them paint their face to look like their favorite zoo animal as well.

Hop on the train for a ride

There’s no doubt that walking around the zoo is a fun, but long, day. When you’re ready to give your feet a rest, take a ride on the train instead. This will give everyone in your family a chance to relax and take in all the views.

As you can tell, the Central Florida Zoo literally has so many fun things to do. Make certain that you lather up on sunscreen and spend the day exploring everything that the zoo has to offer.

You’ll love having all of these family-friendly options easily in one space at the zoo. It’s so much fun that you’ll be planning on another return trip really soon!

Do you have any other recommendations for fun things to do at the Central Florida Zoo?

by Thena Franssen

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