Best Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day at Home (and still make it special)

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Are you looking for fun ways to celebrate Mother’s Day at home? Just because you might not be able to get out and about, doesn’t mean that you can’t find ways to have a special celebration for mom at home! There are so many activities and ideas that can treat mom to a special day, even if you don’t have plans to leave the house. Use this simple list of ideas for ways to give mom an at-home Mother’s Day celebration that she’s never going to forget.

Here are some awesome ways to celebrate Mother’s Day at home that are certain to bring a smile to her face. 

Best Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day at Home (and still make it special)

Here are some great ways to celebrate Mother’s Day at home and still make it special. The great part about all of these ideas is that they’re really easy to put together and can be done fast! Don’t pass up a great way to celebrate mom on her special day! 

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Bring her breakfast in bed

What better way to wake up mom than by serving her breakfast in bed? Kids can help create a fun plate of food for mom so that she doesn’t even have to lift a finger. And don’t forget the coffee! Moms ALWAYS need coffee! 

Make a fun spa day 

Setting up a spa day for mom at home is fast and simple. Run a bubble bath, let the kids paint her nails and toenails, cut up some cucumbers for her eyes (and also an easy snack!), and have her kick up her feet. 

Don’t forget to throw in a few massages as well to really make it a spa day that she’ll never forget. A nice fluffy robe and slippers are always a good touch, too. 

Make it a “yes” day for mom

Yes days are the best! This means that whatever mom wants for Mother’s Day, the answer has to be yes. Helping clean the house? Yes. Taking out the trash? Yes. Cleaning out the gutters? Yes. See how simple it can be to make this the best day ever?

Create homemade cards

Have everyone sit down and create fun cards and pictures for mom. This is a great way to put some time and effort into showing mom how special she really is. All you need are simple crafting supplies to get started so that she can start getting and reading her homemade cards. 

Make it a baking day! 

What a perfect way to create a dessert or treat for mom. Bake her cookies, cakes, treats, and anything that might be her favorite and make it happen all day long. Calories don’t count on Mother’s Day – everyone knows this rule. 

Load up the movies

Snuggling on the couch and binge-watching movies sounds like a great way to spend the day. Of course, make certain that you’re watching movies that mom would love to watch so that she’s getting spoiled and pampered all at the same time.

Spend time outside in nature

Head outdoors to the backyard and have fun! Maybe it’s buying her some new plants or seeds for the garden or doing some landscaping that she’s always wanted to be done. Using the outdoor space around your home is a great way to stay active. 

Set up a zoom with her friends

Even if you’re not leaving the house, set up a fun zoom idea with her other mom friends! She’ll love being able to put up her feet and joke and see her friend’s faces! You can even pair it with a bottle of wine or a never-ending carafe of coffee! Give her privacy and let her have some much-needed girl time! 

Ask mom what she wants to do

One of the easiest ways to make it a fun day for mom is to ask her what she wants to do. Just simply ask. Find out what she would love to do at home and then make it happen. Who knows – she might want to play board games or other ideas that you didn’t think of. 

When you include mom in her big day, she’ll have a say in how she wants to spend it! 

You don’t have to go out and about and leave the house, just to have a good time. All of these simple ideas are a great way to honor your mom and celebrate Mother’s Day at home and create one of the best Mother’s Days, ever! 

by Thena Franssen

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