Fun Things to do at the Brevard Zoo

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Have you ventured out to the Brevard Zoo in Melbourne yet?  About an hour’s drive from Orlando, the zoo is home to a plethora of animals.  From frogs and snakes, to cheetahs, macaws, wallabies, tortoises, giraffes, and more, this place is crawling with fun.  While they do offer timed entry tickets, online advance ticket purchase only, and require masks in most “zones”, the Melbourne Zoo is definitely still worth the drive.  The zoo offers visits from 9:30 am to 5 pm daily, but be sure to purchase your tickets in advance as they will not take walk-ups unless there is availability.

The Brevard Zoo makes for a great outing, sure to please the entire family, check out what there is to do at the zoo.orlando zoo

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Expedition Africa

In this land, kids can have fun exploring the wild animals of Africa.  Here you can see cheetahs, camels, zebras, impalas, Burmese pythons, meercats, and more.  This is lovely area to enjoy with children as even the little kids will be able to spot animals they know and love.  If you are looking for a unique way to explore this area, be sure to check out the Kayaking Tour!

Lands of Change

This area is filled with unique animals your child is going to love discovering.  While there are many types of birds such as the Scarlet Macaw, the Salmon-crested Cockatoo, the Wrinkled Hornbill, the Masked Lapwing, and more.  There are also Red Kangaroos, Siamang, Reeve’s Muntjac, Swamp Wallaby, and the Visayan Warty Pig.  This area is so fun as showing your kids new and beloved animals always makes for a good time.

Wild Florida

In Wild Florida, it is amazing to show your kids the native animals of their state.  Here you can see so many animals that call Florida home here in their very on natural habitat.  From Eagles, American Alligators and Crocodiles, Bobcats, Black Bears, Foxes, Deer, Snakes, and Otters just to name a few of the incredible animals you will get to show your kids in this section.

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Caribbean Trail

Take a walk through this short trail of fun to see animals you would normally see in the Caribbean Islands.  The animals you’ll get to look for in here are the Yellow-Naped Amazon, the Cuban Amazon, the Grand Cayman Blue Iguana, and the Blue-Crowned Parakeet.  This is a great way to explore native island birds without having to leave the state.

Rainforest Revealed

There are so many animals to check out in the Rainforest Revealed section, you could definitely spend the most time here.  While there are too many to name, animals that you won’t want to miss are the Amazon Tree Boa, the Black Howler Monkey, the Capybara, the Two-Toed Sloth, the Jaguar, and the White-Faced Saki.  While there are many more animals in this section, these are just a few to be on the look out for.

Paws On

This section is filled with interesting animals that any child would enjoy checking out.  There are Pythons, Bearded Dragons, the oh so popular Boa Constrictor, Armadillos, Southern Stingray, and Chinchillas to name a few.  These animals offer an exciting close up look, sure to excite your little ones.  There is also a Paws on Water Play area not to be missed on a hot day.  For added safety during this time, they offer limited capacity and certain times require a special timed 30-minute ticket.  Definitely ask about this when entering the park so you can be sure not to miss this area to cool off.

Petting Zoo

While the Petting Zoo is not operational as usual, they are still opened.  The only catch here is you can’t actually pet the animals in here.  They also have limited hours as well, but if you get there between 10 am and 2 pm, you will get to see these animals up close.

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Though there are plenty of things to see included in the admission price at the Brevard Zoo, there are a few extra adventures that can be added on to your experience:

Feed the Giraffes

Have you ever fed a giraffe before?  If you kids have not, then definitely worth the $2 charge to feed them.  For the price, you are given a little treat for them to take from your hand.  Be sure to take notice of the color of their tongue and texture as it makes for a great recap after the zoo.

Add on price: $2

Lorikeet & Cockatiel Feedings

Does your child love birds? Personally, they scare me ever since seeing the Alfred Hitchcock movie of the same name, but kids seem to love and admire birds! For $2 a cup or a stick, choose from a nectar cup or a seed stick and let your child get up close to the action.  It is amazing to see these birds up close as their feathers really are quite beautiful.

Add on price: $2 each

Kayaking Tour

For parents with kids 5 years and older, you can add the Kayaking Tour on for $9.95.  These guided river tours will float you past some pretty cool animals.  On this tour, you will see rhinos, giraffes, lemurs and more during your expedition in Africa.  There are also self-guided tours available if you’re interested in seeing native wildlife, though age restrictions apply.  What a fun way to explore nature with your kids!

Add on price: $9.95

Cape to Cairo Express

During this ten-minute jaunt, the Cairo Express will take you on a relaxing train ride through the homes of camels, the rare scimitar-horned oryx, and ostriches.  Trains tickets are just $3, but the fun you will have seeing these unique animals with your family are priceless.  This train provides a few minutes to sit and relax while taking in the scenery, so worth every penny in my book!

Add on price: $3 for kids 3 years and older.  Free for kids under 3.

Location: 8225 N Wickham Rd, Melbourne, FL
Phone: (321) 254-9453

What is your favorite thing to see at the Zoo?

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