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Four Seasons Orlando: A Great Staycation Option

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One of the best resorts in Orlando is the Four Seasons Resort. I stayed there a couple of years ago with my family, but unfortunately it was raining almost the entire time and we didn’t get to enjoy most of the facilities. I promised myself that we would go back, and this summer I was able to finally return to the property. It was definitely worth the wait!

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You are probably asking why now with all that is going on. Well, like many others we have been staying home and limiting our activities and we had to cancel all our summer vacation and even some fall vacation plans that included flying and going overseas. We are however starting to go a little stir crazy and want to get out of the house while still staying safe and maintaining appropriate social distancing. I didn’t think that this would be possible at a hotel, but a recent day visit to the Four Seasons Orlando proved me wrong.

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The Four Seasons Orlando was closed until the beginning of July, and I went back right after it opened to take a look. While walking around, we definitely saw guests, but everyone was in their own little area. There was absolutely no crowding. This is partially because of how large the resort is. It is located on 26.5 acres of land. 5 acres of that is dedicated to water attractions; the hotel has 3 pools, a large splash pad and a lazy river. There are lots of places around the resort to hang out by yourself on land or in the water.

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The hotel has an outdoor restaurant by the pool area, called PB&G offering great American and Continental favorites. If you want to eat by the pool, they will deliver the food right to you. The other hotel restaurants, Ravello, the Italian restaurant, and Capello, the steakhouse also offer outdoor seating.

The Four Seasons Orlando also features a long deck on the first floor with a lot of outdoor seating. This is a perfect place to take your scoop of gelato or coffee drink from Lickety Split. All of these outdoor dining options have always existed at this property, but they are a perfect option during this time.

Some changes that the hotel has made to make guests safer include: moving the kids club outdoors to limit the spread of germs, limiting the amount of people in the game room and cleaning frequently, installing infrared cameras to take temperatures coming into the hotel from both major entrances, requiring employees to wear masks and encouraging guests to do so as well.

Another change is to the Disney Character Breakfast that the hotel offers. The breakfast used to be a buffet and the characters would stop by the tables. Now the meal is a la carte and the characters parade through the restaurant. The character breakfast is now only offered once a week on Saturdays.

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Rooms at the Four Seasons are 500 square feet, so staying in the room with room service isn’t a hardship. All of the rooms at the Four Seasons come with balconies, so you can enjoy sitting outside and just soak up some sun, or finally get to read that magazine or book you haven’t had time for recently.

If the Four Seasons Orlando Resort was on your list of places to go one day, now might just be the right time.

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