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Virtual Exercise Classes for Kids

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Is your child getting restless and needing a little more exercise in their day?  While being stuck at home so much, and the weather heating up outdoors, now is the perfect time to try some indoor exercises.  Everyone could use a bit of an additional workout with spending so much extra time at home.  Gather the everyone together and try out one of these virtual exercise classes for kids.

virtual exercise classes

The Body Coach

With 18 different videos for kids to do exercises at home, The Body Coach offers a variety of workouts to choose from.  Each exercise “class” is about five to eleven minutes long so your child will likely not get bored from a long video.  Some include kids in them working out right alongside of the coach which keeps things more entertaining for the kids at home.  Choose from doing one a day to a couple in a row depending on your child’s energy level.  With over 250 free workouts to choose from, there is literally a workout for everyone broken down into categories including ones for yourself, grandparents and even great grandparents.

Appropriate for ages 5 years old and up
Cost: Free

Cosmic Kids

If you have not turned on a Cosmic Kids video yet, what are you waiting for?  Rated as the number one kids yoga app; it is perfect for teaching kids’ mindfulness while making yoga fun.  We have done a few of these, and my daughter really enjoys the fun.  Jaimie hosts unique yoga sessions with a story and festive backgrounds and costumes.  If you do these on the regular, you may see significant improvement in focus, empathy and self-regulation as parents and teachers around the world have reported.  Definitely check these out!

Appropriate for ages 3 to 8 years old
Cost: Free

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Fluency and Fitness

Fluency and Fitness focuses on helping your child exercise both their minds and their body.  Keep your child stimulated while homeschooling with these videos that keep them learning while moving without even realizing it.  It is a great teacher reference for schooling year-round and now more than ever are these videos the perfect addition to your repertoire.

Appropriate for ages 5 to 8 years old
Cost: Plans start at $10 a month and up


Get your children moving around with GoNoodle.  It engages your little ones with fun games and content.  From movement, to yoga and mindful videos, your child will have a variety of different videos to choose from.  Additionally, for parents, you can get free curricular activities to help keep your kids learning while out of school.  You can either view videos on their website, download their app or view on youtube.  Get their minds engaged and check it out!

Appropriate for ages 5 to 12 years old
Cost: Free

Outschool offers a variety of fun and educational classes for kids. Both my kids love taking classes with them.

Jack Hartman Music Channel

The Jack Hartman Music Channel offers educational videos as well as a few exercise ones too.  Throw on “Let’s Get Fit, Count to 100” or “Exercise, Rhyme and Freeze” for your kids and they will have a ball learning and working up a little sweat at the same time.  Teachers have noted they use these in their classrooms and how much their students love them.  Worth a try!

Appropriate for ages 3 to 6 years old
Cost: Free

Little Sports

Little Sports offers daily workouts for your child that focus on raising your child’s heart rate.  Videos focus on burning fat, legs, belly, and arms and range from 15 to 30 minutes.  These are great for kids a little bit older and need to burn off some energy while toning up a bit.

Appropriate for ages 7 to 12 years old
Cost: Free 

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If your child is up for some monkey business, check out Moovlee.  These workouts are hosted by an animated monkey who will guide your little one through yoga, meditation as well as traditional workouts that will get their heart pumping and make them sweat a little.  Not only are they healthy to do, but they also are somewhat educational as an added bonus.

Appropriate for toddlers
Cost: Free


Are you looking for a workout for the entire family to do together?  POPSUGAR Fitness hosts this family fun cardio workout.  Gather the family up and get your sweat on!  The cardio workouts are made to feel like games where the winner get to choose a prize such as what’s for dinner.  Make exercising fun and competitive when you workout together with your kids.

Appropriate for ages 4 years old and up
Cost: Free

What online exercise classes have you tried?

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