Unique and Fun Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

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When it comes to finding great presents for father’s day, there are so many terrific options to have. Homemade gifts for dad are a great idea as are items that you can buy online or from the store. the entire point of Father’s Day is to spoil dad with love. As long as you’re making the day all about dad, there’s no wrong way to make it happen! 

Here are some great presents for Father’s Day that are certain to make it the best Father’s Day ever! 

Unique Father’s Day Gifts

This list of great presents for Father’s Day is going to put a huge smile on his face. Pick one or try them all and show dad that he really is the superhero of the family. 

unique fathers day presents

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Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Does dad love to eat sandwiches? Why not give him the tool to make a sandwich anytime he wants? This sandwich maker is the best and will help him create the ultimate sandwich. 

Printable Father’s Day Book

Give dad a book that he’s certain to cherish forever. Every page is filled with all the things that make dad awesome and there is plenty of space to draw out some cute and adorable pictures, too. Kids of all ages can use this book as a fun way to make dad feel special.  

Customized Dad Blanket

If you like to snuggle with dad, this blanket is the best! You get to pick out fun family photos and have them printed right on the blanket! This means that dad can cuddle up with you anytime that he wants. 

Father’s Day Tie Craft

Instead of giving dad an actual tie this year, let the kids create one instead. He won’t get to wear it but he can hang it up and look at it every day as a reminder of how much he’s loved. 

DIY Tool Frame 

Give dad the coolest frame for pictures! This simple tool frame is a lot of fun for the kids to make and is the perfect way to hold a family photo, too. This is one craft idea that he can receive and then use all the time. Perfect for sitting on his dresser. 

Customized Face Socks

This is a gift that dad will love! Not only will they keep his feet warm but he’ll get to wear your face on his feet as well! These face socks are hilariously awesome. Why wouldn’t he want to wear your face on his socks every day? He’ll love it! (and at the bare minimum find it super funny!) 

Homemade Father’s Day Card

Stop spending money at the store on cards and let the kids create a homemade card instead. DIY cards are straight from the heart and are always adorable! The best part about cards is that they come straight from the heart. 

Dads Keepsake Journal

Just because you’ve grown up with your dad your whole life doesn’t mean that you know about him. This keepsake journal is a great way to let dad tell you his story in his own words. It’s a gift for him to complete and one that you’ll be able to cherish as well. 

Superhero Father’s Day Craft

This fun homemade craft will show dad that he really is quite awesome. Tell him why he’s the superhero of the family with this cute and adorable DIY Father’s Day gift. It’s always fun to create something new and unique. 

As you can see, these really are great gift ideas for Father’s Day. You’ll find the perfect blend of homemade and items to purchase to really make dad’s day. Combining something made with something new just might make the best Father’s Day gift ever. 

Make dad’s day with any of these cute gift ideas. You’ll love watching his face light up as he opens up all these fun gifts. He’ll love being spoiled and pampered on his big day as he rightfully should be! Celebrate dad extra big this year and make it a Father’s Day to remember! 

by Thena Franssen

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