Modern Day Hide and Seek with CountDown Game

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Playing games together as a family is one of our favorite activities to do and has become even more important over the past year. It is a great way to interact with the kids, get them off of their various electronics, and it doesn’t usually cost anything as we are at home and just using a game we already have. Sometimes it gets a little too competitive, but we pretty much always have fun.

Recently, we tried a new game, called the CountDown Game, a modern way to play hide and seek, that was just launched onto the market in April of this year. Both of my kids had an awesome time playing the game. If you have an elementary aged kid and a preteen you know how difficult it is to find something they will both enjoy, so this was a definite win in my book.

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What is the CountDown Game?

The CountDown Game is an updated way to play hide and seek. Instead of finding other people, like in traditional hide-and-seek, you search for the game unit. You are then given puzzles to solve before your time runs out.

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How it Works

One person, it can be the parent or one of the kids hides the game unit in a location of their choices and presses start. You have 6 seconds to run away (so the location isn’t revealed) before the timer begins and players start searching for the unit.

Players search for the unit and once the unit is found, they have to complete a series of puzzles/games to stop the countdown. The goal is to find the unit and solve all puzzles before the timer hits zero.

There are different levels that can be set for the volume, low, medium and high; you can set the amount of time given for the game to make it easier or harder and you can set the difficulty level of the puzzles as well. I made the puzzles easier for my 6-year old and a bit harder for the 11-year old.

There are a variety of puzzles on the CountDown Game. There was a game similar to whack-a-mole, listening to tones, matching colors, and more.at home games to play with kids

Other Things to Do on CountDown Game

The CountDown Game also has a few other game options that are available.

Hot Potato – My son and I played hot potato, where we had to play a couple games/solve puzzles before the time on our turn ran out. We would then pass the unit over to the other player for their turn. We weren’t very good at this, so we never made it pass two rounds, but it was fun to play.

Table Co-Op – Table Co-Op lets you play with 8 players. The system will randomly choose one of the players at the table to complete puzzles and will continue selecting players until only one remains.

One Player – You can play as a solo player to play the games and solve the puzzles.

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Where to Purchase the Game

Right now you can purchase the game on DuckDuckCat.com. The Game costs $39.99.

Our Final Recommendation

We highly recommend grabbing the Countdown Game. It is a lot of fun for the entire family and there are a lot of different combinations and difficulty levels to keep the game fresh and interesting.

I was provided with a game unit free of charge to facilitate this review. However, all opinions are our own.

photos courtesy of Duck Duck Cat

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