School and Daycare Labels for Kids

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Before the school year starts, like many parents, I went shopping for my son to get him new shoes, school supplies, a new water bottle (plus a backup), and school clothes, including a school sweatshirt and school shirts.

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I think we were one week into school when his first water bottle disappeared. The next week his school sweatshirt was lost. We were lucky to be able to find it that time, but the next time we were unable to recover it. The losses continued to pile up. Another water bottle disappeared shortly thereafter and then he managed to leave the clothes I sent him to school in. (He did have a good reason for taking them off. He had to try on the costume for the play and wore home his underlayer of a white t-shirt and shorts and completely forgot to pick up his school clothes.)

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I know you are probably saying to yourself, why doesn’t she just label everything? Well, I do label everything or I at least try to. The sweatshirt had his name written on the tab, but the tag is not front and center on the sweatshirt, so his name probably wasn’t seen. I label his water bottle and lunch box with painter’s tape, but that starts to come off when I wash them. I never thought to label his school clothes, as he is actually wearing them and it didn’t occur to me that he would take them off during the day. 

When he was in daycare, I labeled absolutely everything as things were always getting mixed up. It seems that I might need to go back to doing this. I used to write out all the labels by hand. I purchased labels that you would write in the kid’s name and then cover it with a plastic cover sealing in the name. While the labels worked, I was constantly writing labels. It would have been so much easier to have labels where I could just peel, stick and go. 

I just discovered labels by Name Bubbles that allow me to do just that. I can order the labels with his name on them and I can just stick them to whatever I need to label. Name Bubbles labels are waterproof and dishwasher safe. This is such a huge benefit, as I don’t have to worry about the labels coming off when I wash his lunch box and water bottle. 

Name Bubbles are also useful for clothes, so I can put a name label right in the middle of his new sweatshirt, so I don’t have to worry about this new one getting lost. Anyone with a little boy knows that they get extremely dirty as they never met a mess that they didn’t love making or playing in, which then transfers to their clothes. With Name Bubbles labels I can just throw his clothes in the laundry and not have to worry about the labels.

I also love the fact that I can get cool labels, instead of plain ones. My faves are these multicolor icon labels and these narwhal labels. (I mean who doesn’t love a narwhal?).

If you want to grab these labels for yourself, Name Bubbles is offering 20% off of all products on the site through March 31. You just have to enter the code DAYCARE20 at checkout.

Going forward, I will definitely be labeling everything to make sure that the items that I send my son to school with come back home with him at the end of the day.

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