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Crayola Experience Orlando: A Fun Experience for Kids

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I bought annual passes for my family, before ever having visited Crayola Experience Orlando. Thanks to their Black Friday Sale, the price of their annual pass on this day was actually cheaper than their one-day ticket.  So, with this, I figured even if we only go once, I’ll get my money’s worth.  I had heard good things about the Crayola Experience Orlando and seeing as my daughter enjoys coloring, this would definitely be on our list to see regardless.  With multiple attractions offering colorful activities, my family set off to check it out!

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Getting there

Crayola Experience Orlando is located inside the Florida Mall, though there is an outside entrance to enter.  You can enter the Crayola Store through the inside the mall.  For those not familiar with the Florida Mall, it is located in Orlando, Florida off of Orange Blossom Trail.  It can be easily accessed off of the Turnpike or 528.

Walking into Crayola, you will need to proceed to the ticket counter before making your way to the center of the room where you will scan your pass and an employee will give you a Crayola plastic bag with Crayola coins in them.  These coins can be used to name and wrap you own crayon or for purchasing soft molding clay from the vending machines.  Once your ticket is scanned, you will head up the stairs or you can use the elevator.  Strollers are kept on the second floor, where the exhibits are located, and can be left in their stroller parking area.  I have not seen any strollers used throughout the experience the couple times we were there, so not sure if this is because they are simply not allowed or not.

How much time you need

Per Crayola’s website, they suggest you can spend three to four hours there.  I found two hours to be plenty of time, though you may not be able to do everything, especially if there are crowds!  When I say everything, that includes numerous coloring stations throughout and two coloring areas where your colored creation can make a debut on the screen.  We skipped some of those, but did grab a coloring page for later.

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What you can do there

The fist two attractions that you will come upon are the “Name and Wrap Your Own Crayon” and “Be the Star.”  Naming your own crayon will require the use of your coins so pick one or two of your favorite crayon color options, pick a silly name and fun emoji or shape to add and then it pops out of the machine and ready for you to roll it on at a nearby station.  The “Be the Star” section is right next to this, and it is where your child can be in the coloring page!  My daughter loved this as she found it so funny that we could take her picture and it magically printed out and was ready to be colored.  We did a few of these and were great to take home for coloring at a later time.  This activity needed no coins to do.

There are two play areas, one for smaller tykes, and one for older kids, both of which I am not a fan of, as though all play areas seem questionable, this one feels particularly unclean.  At Crayola, among the other exhibits my daughter loves are watching crayons melt into shapes and the melting crayon spin art.  Both make for fun keepsakes to take home.  Other exhibits that are notable are the ones where you can color a picture before scanning it in to be shown on the big screens.  My daughter could spend the most time here and it is definitely one of her faves!  Crayola Experience Orlando also has a short show where you watch the process of crayons being made.  I found it interesting, my daughter, was mildly entertained.

On certain days, there is a painting with crayons station, which as a parent of a toddler, the painting utensil used was very hot, this is obviously to keep the crayon melted in order to use as paint.  It is ok if your child holds it in the right spot, however this did make me nervous and required a bit of assistance.  There is also a place to meet and greet a crayon depending on the time you are there.  One of the “newer” attractions is the Scribble Scrubbies.  Here you get a small white pet and some markers.  You and your children can color these fun little animals and then wash them in the sink and dry them in the exhibit before coloring them again.  This was my least favorite thing to do here.  The markers used rub off of the animal extremely easy and gets all over your hands so it makes it a little messy for your child to then play with it, which my daughter obviously wanted to do.

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They have snacks too

If you are needing a snack, they sell candy, popcorn, and or if you want to grab lunch inside Crayola Experience Orlando there is a café with lots of tables to dine at.  We have not eaten here, other than getting some candy for a sugar pick me up halfway through.

When to go

I think Crayola Experience Orlando is great for a rainy day or warm weather activity when it is just too hot to be outside.  Unfortunately, those are their busiest times as well.  My daughter and I, up until Covid-19 shut everything down, usually went during the week in the mornings and found it to be the perfect time to visit, minus the large school/daycare groups that sometimes frequent during the week as well.  It was great to visit for a couple hours in the morning before heading home for lunch.  Overall, I would recommend Crayola if your child especially loves crayons and coloring.   I suggest looking for coupons or checking out their Black Friday Deals, as personally I do think it is a little pricey for the offerings.  When I asked my daughter if she recommends this place, as a preschooler she said yes!  She then asked if we could go tomorrow, so clearly a great place for kids, recommended by kids.

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 Ticket Prices

  • Daily ticket $24.99 pp (ages 3+) – save $3 if you purchase online
  • Bronze Annual pass: $29.99 pp (includes 20% discount on food and beverage)
  • Sonic Silver Annual pass: $39.99 pp (includes 25% discount on food and beverage, free souvenir popcorn bucket, free silver level bag and 2 guest admission tickets)
  • Gold Fusion Annual pass: $49.99 pp (includes 30% discount on food and beverage, free souvenir popcorn bucket, free gold level bag, 4 guest admission tickets and admission to a gold exclusive event to test new Crayola products before they launch)
  • Discounts on all passes
    • Enter Family4 at checkout and get 4 passes and save $15.97
    • Enter Family3 at checkout and get 3 passes and save $6.99

Have you visited Crayola Experience Orlando? What was your favorite part?

by Megan Daniels

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