10 Tips for Visiting Crayola Experience

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Crayola Experience is a fun day out for the kids. They have lots of activities to keep kids of all ages entertained and occupied. Both of my kids enjoy going there and it is a perfect location to visit when it is either too rainy or too hot to be outside. If you are planning to visit Crayola Experience Orlando, you are going to need a plan of attack. Here are 10 tips to make your visit to Crayola Experience easier.

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  1. Buy a pass

    The cost for the pass, $30.99, is only slightly higher than the cost of a single day ticket, $23.99, so we recommend getting the pass. If you only come back one more time during the year you have gotten your money’s worth. We have been 4 times in 6 months, just sayin!

  2. Go to the Crayon Show

    The show is only shown at certain times during the day, but make time to go and see the show. The show is narrated by two crayons, Scarlet and Turk (short for Turquoise) and is easy for kids to follow. During the show, kids learn how crayons are made and see a live demonstration of the crayon making process.
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  3. Hit the popular attractions first

    When you get to Crayola Experience, head over to Drip Art and Melt and Mold first, they are next to one another, as the lines for these attractions tend to get long as the day goes on. Melt and Mold has different items that you can make, so join the line again to make a second item of your choice. I am partial to the seahorse.

  4. Bring extra money with you

    There is a small cafe right in the middle of Crayola Experience, so kids will definitely want snacks. You can also purchase additional packs of modeling clay from a dispenser machine, for 50 cents per pack. While you can use the two coins you receive when purchase your ticket to get the modeling clay, my kids always seem to want to do more than two things that require coins, so I just buy the modeling clay since it is so cheap.

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  5. Don’t Miss Rockin Paper

    Rockin Paper is one of favorite activities at Crayola Experience. It is however all the way in the back on the right side, and many people never quite get back there. This is definitely a mistake. At Rockin Paper, you color a frog or a bird and then magnetic clips are attached to your animal of choice and they are made to dance to music. When my son saw it for the first time he was enthralled. If your child doesn’t want to color, which mine doesn’t sometimes, you can still go to the activity and watch other people’s creations dance and it is just as fun!

  6. If you have an older child, go to Adventure Lab

    Adventure Lab is a lot of fun for older kids. They receive an iPad which directs them to a series of tasks inside Adventure Lab that they have to complete. The Adventure Lab has 12 tasks, but each time you are only given 3 tasks to do, which means that you can do this activity multiple times and have different tasks each time. This is not a good activity for kids that are too young to read.

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  7. Bring socks

    There are two play areas inside Crayola Experience, one for the big kids and one for toddlers. Shoes are not allowed on the playground structures, so you will want to have socks for the kids with you. I also recommend saving the play area until after you have hit most of the exhibits as kids like to stay on the playground; while the play space at The Crayola Experience is great, they can play outside for free.

  8. Make a Coloring Page

    Head to Be A Star right before you leave and take a variety of photos that will print out as coloring pages that you can take home with you. Kids will enjoy coloring a photo of themselves and of their family.

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  9. Visit during off peak times

    The Crayola Experience can get quite busy during the day on the weekends and during the summer time. Visit late afternoon for less crowds. Definitely avoid mornings during the summer when summer camps are visiting and the place gets extremely busy.

  10. Skip the Gift Shop

    The gift shop is the bane of many a parent. Most museums and theme parks send you out through a gift shop because they know many of us are impulse buyers and kids want everything that they see. When leaving Crayola Experience Orlando it seems like you have to go out through the gift shop, but you actually don’t. Instead go to the left around the stairs, which will bring you back to the front of the building where you entered thus skipping the gift shop and a litany of mom, dad, can I have this please.

What activity are you most looking forward to at Crayola Experience Orlando?



Florida Mall
8001 S Orange Blossom Trail, ORLANDO
Hours: 10:00 am to 6:00pm during the week/10:00am to 8:00pm on weekends and during school breaks

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