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We Went Snorkeling in a Cave: A Review of Devil’s Den

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Have you ever been snorkeling inside of a cave? Me neither, until last week when I went to Devil’s Den with my family. Devil’s Den is a pool inside of a cave where you can go snorkeling and scuba diving. It is located 1.5 to 2 hours outside of Orlando, but it is worth the drive. While you won’t see the same amount of fish that you would see if you went snorkeling in the ocean, Devil’s Den makes up for it in coolness factor.

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Why visit Devil’s Den?

My husband and I love snorkeling, and frequently go snorkeling when we are on a cruise. On our last cruise, we went snorkeling with the kids in the ocean and it was extremely difficult; the currents were strong and were constantly pulling them out. Also, they needed to be able to swim for longer periods of time, as there was no “home base” that they could return to. At Devil’s Den, there is a platform in the middle of the cave that served as a “home base” for the kids that they could return to for rest periods.

Tip: To enter the cave, you go down two sets of stairs to reach the platform that is located inside the water. I would recommend waiting until you reach the platform to put on your mask and your fins. Devil’s Den does require that everyone wear a mask and fins, but you are able to bring your own.

Devil’s Den was also great for the kids because there is no current. It was like swimming in a regular swimming pool, so it was easy for them get around. My little guy, after holding his father’s hand for a bit, felt comfortable enough to swim off by himself (with us following behind to make sure he was okay.)

As I mentioned before, you definitely won’t see the same type and amount of fish that you would see in the ocean, but we didn’t really mind. It was fun to swim around the cave and we did see some fish. There were plenty of small fish that were swimming very close to the surface, and my son had fun chasing them around. We could also see some larger fish swimming down lower in the pool.

You get up to an hour and a half to spend snorkeling inside the cave. We found that was plenty of time. The kids were good after about 45 minutes, so I took them up, but my husband remained in the cave for another 15 minutes.

For our trip to Devil’s Den (and to use on future snorkeling trips), we purchased full face snorkel masks from Amazon. I found these masks to be much better than regular snorkel masks. Water didn’t get into the kid’s masks and they didn’t fog up, making the kids much more independent. I would highly recommend them for kids and adults alike.

What else is there to do at Devil’s Den?

Devil’s Den does have picnic benches, so you could bring along a picnic lunch to enjoy before or after your snorkel time. They also have a tether ball game outside and a volleyball course where you can play. They provide the volleyball.

You are able to camp at Devil’s Den. They offer 4 cabins, an RV park and tent camping. Entrance to the springs is not included in camping fees.

Things to Note

Reservations are required for Devil’s Den. Reservations last 1.5 hours. You must be out of the water by 5pm, so plan your visit accordingly.

30 people are allowed in the cave at a time, so it can start to get a little crowded in the cave.

The cave can get dark in certain parts. While the cave isn’t fully closed, there is a hole on the top where sunlight streams in, the side portions of the cave are a lot darker than the center.

Kids under 6 years of age are not allowed in the cave. There is a lot of outdoor space though, so you could definitely trade off with each parent/adult going into the cave for 45 minutes if you have a younger child. Flotation devices are NOT allowed for kids.

Scuba divers must be open water certified. All scuba divers must have a dive buddy.

How much does it cost?

Snorkeling: $15 per person during the week and $22 on weekends.  Mask, snorkel and fins are $12 per person.

Scuba Diving : $38 per person. Full scuba kit is $45 per person.

Camping costs are separate from costs for snorkeling and scuba diving. Camping costs can be found here.

Devil’s Den
Location 5390 N.E 180th Ave, Williston, FL 32696
Phone: (352) 528-3344






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