Going Down the Rabbit Hole with Alice

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Do you and your kids love Alice in Wonderland? Have you wondered what it would be like to travel Down the Rabbit Hole with Alice? Well, now is your chance. You can visit Wonderland at Mead Gardens. My daughter and I went last week and it is definitely a good time for the family.

Going Down the Rabbit Hole

We started our visit meeting Alice. She greeted us all and then then we set off on our journey. We bumped into the White Rabbit, who mentioned that he was late (I still don’t know what for) and then we went through the Rabbit Hole and entered Wonderland. And what a world of wonders it was!

Alice was our guide for the entire journey and she kept up a steady stream of chatter the entire time pondering different thoughts similar to Alice in the book. Should we go right or should we go left she pondered aloud. We went left last time, so this time, let’s go right. We were right behind Alice most of the time, so we could hear everything she was saying which made the walk a bit more fun. I would recommend staying close to Alice if you can.

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The first character we met in Wonderland was the Caterpillar. She talked to Alice for a bit and informed her of the Red Queen’s party, so Alice decided we should set off to find it. If you are a fan of the books, you know that this was definitely not a good idea. I like my head where it is, thank you.After the Caterpillar, we walked to the flower garden and met Rose. She serenaded us with a song, and a rap, that was quite fun and her voice was quite good. We then left Rose and continued on our journey and then we encountered the Duchess and Chef. To be honest, I don’t remember either of these characters from the book, but it has been a while. The two had a witty banter going back and forth and even interacted with my daughter for a bit, joking that the name (Justice) she had on her shirt was wrong as that is not her name. When we were leaving, they told her bye Justice; she thought it was all very funny.orlando family funThe next characters we encountered were the Tweedles. The Tweedles were very funny at the start, especially the male Tweedle. I don’t know if he was Dum or Dee, but his accent and his jokes were pretty hilarious. But then after a couple of minutes, the Tweedles decided to do a play about a Carpenter and a Walrus, and there were some oysters too, because why not oysters. I still have no idea what the play was about. I mentioned to my daughter afterwards that I was completely confused by what just happened, and her response was “they are the Tweedles, mom.” Guess to an 11-year-old that explains it all.

After our “time at the theater” with the Tweedles, we continued on our journey and encountered the Cheshire Cat. She performed an aerial show on a hula hoop and gave us confusing information as to whether we should or shouldn’t go to the party. We left Cheshire and finally made it to the Red Queen’s Party. The Red Queen performed a fun song and dance routine with her husband, The King, and her back-up dancers. After her performance, we scurried away quickly before she decided we should lose our heads.


At this point, you would think the journey would be done as we made it to the party, but no, there was still one more party to attend. A tea party of course! Our last stop on our journey was a visit with the Mad Hatter and the March Hare for tea-time. While Alice sat down for a spot of tea, the Mad Hatter performed a rousing Irish step dance which was my favorite performance of the night.

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After the tea party, our time in Wonderland was done. We excited the Rabbit Hole and re-entered Orlando. I enjoyed my time at Down the Rabbit Hole and my daughter had a fantastic time. What I particularly liked is the different small shows that were incorporated including a song, a dance, a poem, an aerial show and more. I haven’t been to a show in over a year, so this was very welcome.

If you are looking for a fun evening out with the family, then I recommend going Down the Rabbit Hole.

Things to note:

The show takes place at night, and while there is some lighting, it is dark out and some children might be scared.

You are walking over uneven terrain and walk about ¾ of a mile, so you must be capable of walking this distance. The route is not stroller or wheelchair friendly.

There are no bathrooms along the route, so make sure you go to the bathroom before you enter the Rabbit Hole.

While they do try to keep groups distanced as best as they can, sometimes it is not possible. Also, the performers are not wearing masks if that is a concern.

Dates, Time and Pricing

Dates: Down the Rabbit Hole is Running from February 7 – March 13, Wednesday through Sunday

Time: Shows go out every 15 minutes from 6pm until 8:30pm

Pricing: Tickets are $22 per person plus ticketing fees.

More dates and times may be added soon.



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