10 Tips for Visiting WonderWorks Orlando

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WonderWorks, on I-Drive, looks cool on the outside, and inside, it doesn’t disappoint. Our kids have been asking to go there for a while, and we recently crossed it off our to-do list. So how do you make this trip better? Here are 10 tips for visiting WonderWorks Orlando.

Wonderworks Orlando

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1. Buy the All-Access ticket

The exhibits are fun, and the kids will have a great time, but to get your money’s worth, you want to get everything, especially since the price increase is not that much. The XD movie was a huge hit, as was laser tag. These are add-ons, or they’re included if you get the upgrade. Make sure you keep your ticket somewhere safe. You’ll need it if you have upgraded. Kids three and under are free, but do not get a ticket for Laser Tag.

2. Get the WonderWorks Case Book

Kids can help to solve a mystery while exploring WonderWorks Orlando. Professor Wonder’s science formulas are missing and case book provides clues that kids follow to find the missing formulas. This case book costs an additional $5.

Extra Tip: Make sure you ask about the Case Book as it wasn’t offered to us when we were buying tickets.

3. Bring closed-toe shoes

If you want to do the ropes course – and you’ll want to do the ropes course – you need closed-toe shoes. However, if you forget them, you can rent shoes for $6.

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4. Skip the arcade

Sure, you can win some tickets and those tickets are good for prizes, but there isn’t a lot of quality or variety in the prize offerings. In addition, the line moves slowly.

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5.  Bring two adults

If you are bringing multiple children, you may need two adults. There are some activities that all kids can try, and some – like the ropes course or the XD movie – that have height restrictions. If you have kids under and over the height minimums, you may want a second adult to watch the kids. However, you might also want to consider leaving little ones at home. While their older siblings are on the ropes course or watching the XD movie, there are not a lot of things for them to do.

6. Don’t plan on this being an all-day activity

Sure, the website says that they have over 100 activities, but it won’t feel that way. Plan to spend 2-3 hours there; it’s right in the middle of I-Drive though, so it’s perfect for lunch out either before or after. It also works well in combination with iFly (which is very close by), Madame Tussauds or the Orlando Eye, to make a full day of it.

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7. Look around on the stairs

As you go up to the arcade/ropes course, and then down to the exit, you’ll go through a stairwell that is filled with optical illusions. The kids thought that these were great – and they only started a couple of arguments.

8. Don’t miss the living sandbox

The living sandbox is in the same area, on the second floor, as the pianos). Animals appear n the sand, and the physical features displayed, such as lakes, will change based upon how you sculpt the sand itself.

9. Head to the Gyroscope and Wonder Coaster First

If your kids want to ride the gyroscope or the Wonder Coaster, try to get there first. It’s in the very back of the second floor, so you’ll end up doing the whole thing backwards, but the line there can get long. If you’re thinking about doing that, make sure your kids meet the height requirements.

10. Plan to pay for parking.

Parking for WonderWorks Orlando is at a garage, and you’ll have to pay to park there. Keep your ticket, and you can pay before you get back to your car. In the alternative, you can pay at the gate but only with a credit card.

9067 International Drive, Orlando
Phone: (407) 351-8800
Hours: 9:00AM-Midnight every day
Prices: $33.99 for adults (13 and older), $24.99 (4-12)
Parking: $4 for first two hours, $2 each additional hour, max charge $10

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