Best Podcasts for Kids

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Are you looking for some fun new podcasts for your child to listen to?  From educational, meditation, music, to make believe stories, your kids will love the array of podcasts just for them.  If your child is bored at home, on a family road trip, or already obsessed with listening to podcasts, here are some great kids podcasts that can be enjoyed by not just your child, but the whole family too.

Best Podcasts for Kids

Here are 11 podcasts for kids that we recommend.

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Aaron’s World: An Imaginative Science Podcast for Kids

Calling all dinosaur loving kids!  This is the podcast for them.  Aaron’s World was built from the imaginative mind of a six-year-old boy names Aaron who loved dinosaurs, time travel, robots and science.  There are also valuable lessons to be learned from these so it is not only fun to listen to for the kids, but also educational.  As the series goes on, the lessons and stories grow as Aaron himself gets a little bit older.  The stories deepen with more twists and turns and become longer in episodal time as well.  Coming from the imagination of a dinosaur loving boy, these kids podcasts are awesome for growing boys and girls with similar interest.

Animal Sound Safari: Take Your Ears Around the World

Hop on board the Animal Sound Safari in this fun traveling podcast.  Travel to Saudi Arabia and meet camel beauty queens or learn about buzzing bff’s or what sound koala bears make.  With so many fun themes, your child won’t even realize they are actually learning something.  With traveling being so limited these days, this podcast for kids is just the ticket to hear things from around the world.

Be Calm on Ahway Island: Meditation and Story

Be Calm on Ahway Island is a relaxing podcast great to include in your nap or bedtime routine for littles.  These episodes begin with a guided meditation before a short story featuring a positive message.  With a soothing voice to listen to, the podcast teaches mindfulness in a kid friendly way.  Great for all aged kids as it promotes relaxation and may have them drifting off to sleep before the story is over.

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Circle Round: Folktales from Around the World

Are you looking to add some international flare to your every day?  Circle Round is a great podcast for kids as it tells folktales from countries all over the globe.  Stories with origins in Africa, Europe, Tibet, Japan, and more, offering learning through listening.  With folktales focusing on values like honesty and hard work, these offer a great foundation to help build your child up with powerful messages.

Girl’s Tales: Feminist Fairy Tales for a New Generation

If you are not into your daughter listening to stories where a desperate princess needs a shining prince to save her so they can live happily ever after, these podcasts are for her!  Girl’s Tales are fairy tales re-imagined where the girls in the stories control their own destiny and create their own adventures.  Perfect for little girls growing up to be independent women in today’s changing society.

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Noodle Loaf: Musical Podcast for Kids

For all the music loving kids who love to be silly, check out Noodle Loaf.  Featuring fun songs with suggested movements, rhymes, and musical games, this podcast will bring out the kid in the parents who are listening as well.  Super fun to just let go and have a good time, and one your child will love doing together with you.  In today’s world, everyone could use some extra silliness for sure!

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The Past and the Curious: History for Kids Made Fun

Sharing trues stories of yesteryear, The Past and the Curious aims to bring history of the past back to light through stories of inspiration, laughter, and achievements from all kinds of people.  These episodes are interesting stories that offer a bit of a history lesson in a fun and musical way.  Perfect fun for teaching kids without them feeling like it is a chore.

Story Pirates: Based on imaginative story ideas by kids

As the number one voted podcast for kids and families, Story Pirates is hosted by actors, comedians, and improvisors who act out stories created by kids!  With silly stories and magical music, follow along the misadventures of a theater company.  Your child can even submit their own idea for a story!  Super fun for the kids to listen to and even the adults will enjoy getting in on the fun.

The Super Secret Hive

The Super Secret Hive was created by furloughed Disney performers.  It follows the adventures of a cast of quirky characters as they navigate a host of timely challenges to help kids save the world. Topics include honeybees and pollinators, plastic in the oceans, germs and our immune system, inclusion and kindness vs. bullying, loneliness, and taking care of ourselves, each other, and the world we live in. While The Super Secret Hive is an educational podcast, they make it fun for kids incorporating both music and comedy. Kids will enjoy listening to this podcast and you will enjoy having them listen as well.

Tumble: Science Podcasts for Kids

Does your child love science?  Or maybe you would like to facilitate a better understanding and connection to science with them.  With a lack of school, these Tumble Science Podcasts for Kids are perfect.  There are new podcasts weekly and be sure to check out the ones interviewing real Scientists!  These are super interesting and informative for both you and your child.  From the physics of basketball, to decoding dog DNA, the science of snot, how dinosaurs came to be, to learning about the butterflies of Paris.  Have them Sketchnote while they are listening to help them not only focus, but to also use their imagination of what they are hearing.  For those wanting to incorporate schooling into their child’s day with these, there are also suggestive lesson plans to help make it even more of a learning experience.

What If World: Stories for Kids

Does your child ever come up with crazy questions like What if a tiny dragon lived in my closet? What if there were a never-ending bowl of ice cream? What if cats ruled the world?  In these fun stories, join Mr. Eric as he tells wacky stories that are inspired by children’s question.  You can even call in and ask your own silly question and hope that they make a story out of it.  What If World offers imaginative stories that both children and adults alike will fine entertaining and ridiculously fun at the same time.

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