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12 Digital Escape Rooms Fun for the Entire Family

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I love to go to Escape Rooms. They are a ton of fun for me and my husband. If you have never been to an Escape Room, the best way to explain it is that is like solving a real-life puzzle in multiple parts. You are in a room with your teammates and you are given various clues to solve individual parts of the puzzle until you make it to the end. At the end, you get the code that is needed to escape the room. We have stopped a bomb from going off, a virus from being released, rescued a scientist and more in an Escape Room. Until recently though, we had never tried a Digital Escape Room.

What is a Digital Escape Room?

A Digital Escape Room is similar to the live version, where you are given clues that you have to solve to get to the end, but instead of using the items you have in a room, you are given clues on your computer screen. Digital Escape Rooms are more age appropriate for kids than regular Escape Rooms seem to be, and that makes it a perfect family activity for while we are cooped at home right now.

Digital Escape Rooms cover a variety of subjects including Harry Potter, History, fairy tales and more. Here are 12 Digital Escape Rooms that you can play with your family.

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American Revolution Digital Escape Room

In the American Revolution Digital Escape Room, choose whether you are a Loyalist or a Patriot. Depending on what you choose, you will have different puzzles to solve. You can always go back and play the other side when you are done. Please note that you have to click on the individual pictures to get the information you need to solve the puzzles.

Cinderella Escapes

In Cinderella Escapes, you have to help Cinderella get to the ball to meeting Prince Charming and get her happily ever after. She needs to find her Fairy Godmother, get dressed and get there. Ensure she doesn’t miss out on the most magical night of her life.

Dog Man Digital Escape Room

In the Dog Man Digital Escape Room, Dog Man while running from Petey the Cat gets stuck in a digital locked room and you must help him escape. You pick up a TV remote control and use it to enter into the parallel universe digital dark room. You must solve the puzzles to free Dog Man and yourself.

Check out the Dog Man book series for kids that this escape room is based on.

Escape the Fairy Tale

In Escape the Fairy Tale, you are traveling through the enchanted forest and are about to enter the first of the fairy realms. Unfortunately, not everything goes as planned and you might be stuck in the fairy realm forever. In this virtual escape room , you need to solve the puzzles to make your way to the magical portal leading back home. Don’t delay as the portal is only open for a short period of time.

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Escape from Wonderland Digital Escape Room

In the Escape From Wonderland Digital Escape Room, you are Alice, and just like in the story you were sitting under a tree reading a book when you see a white rabbit and race after him. You fall down a rabbit hole and are transported to Wonderland. If you want  to get back home, you have to read the clues and solve the puzzles.

Escape the Sphinx

Since her original riddle was solved the Sphinx has upped her game! She has several new riddles that you must solve or you will feel her wrath. See if you and your family can Escape the Sphinx.

Harry Potter Digital Escape Room

In the Harry Potter Digital Escape Room, you are a first-year student at Hogwart’s and the group decides to play a game. You are transported out of Hogwart’s into the Muggle world and need to solve all the puzzles to return. We played this with our 5-year old and 10-year old and everyone had a good time.

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Minotaur’s Labyrinth Escape Room

In The Minotaur’s Labyrinth Escape Room, you are Theseus, the demigod, and you must venture into the labyrinth to kill the Minotaur and then find your way out again. Make sure you don’t get lost on your way to the center or on your way back to your one true love, Ariadne.

Pete the Cat and the Birthday Mystery Party

Pete the Cat and the Birthday Mystery Party is great for younger kids. You’re going to a birthday party for your pal Pete the Cat. You picked out a fabulous present for him, a pair of new shoes. When you get to the party, you put your present on the present table, but at present opening time, it’s not there. What happened to it? That’s up to you to discover.

Check out the Pete the Cat stories that this escape room is based on.

Pikachu’s Rescue

In Pikachu’s Rescue, Viridian City has been hit by Pokemon thieves. Your Pokemon Pikachu has been Poke-napped and needs your help to save him. Strap on your backpack and lace up your sneakers and get ready for your adventure.

If your kids love Pickachu, get them their own Pikachu backpack.

Space Explorer

Want to be a space explorer? First, you have to make it through this training simulation. Let’s see if you have what it takes!

Spy Apprentice Digital Escape Room Adventure

In the Spy Apprentice Digital Escape Room Adventure, you have just graduated from spy school and are going to follow in the footsteps of the great spy Carmen. Where in the world is she anyway? You get to test your skills, travel around the world, try to solve Carmen’s puzzles and see if you have what it takes to be a super spy.

If your kid wants to be a super spy, then they will definitely need their own super spy kit.

We are looking forward to trying more of Digital Escape Rooms. Which one do you want to try with your family?

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