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20 Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids 

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We love doing Christmas crafts with the kids. It is a great way to have them be creative and also have so much fun for the holidays. Not only are they going to love being able to sit down and create adorable projects and crafts, but they’ll then be able to showcase them and kick off the season and holiday spirit as well. While most of these they’ll be able to do on their own, be certain to stay by for adult supervision. You never know when you’ll be needed to cut, glue, dry, or just help with a color choice as well!

Here are 20 easy Christmas crafts for kids that are just too fun and festive to pass up!

20 Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids 

This list of Christmas crafts for kids are full of Santa’s, elves, reindeers, and more! 

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Button Christmas Tree

Have buttons sitting around the house? Use those up and let the kids make this adorable Button Christmas Tree

Christmas Bear Kindness Rocks

These fun Christmas Bear Kindness Rocks are all about spreading the kindness holiday and cheer. They’re great for painting, hiding, and having fun! 

Christmas Glitter Jars 

These glitter jars are really fun! They’re also a great way to keep all that messy glitter enclosed into a space so that it doesn’t end up all over your carpet or your floor. 

Christmas Kindness Cards

These Christmas kindness cards are a great way to get the kids active, creative, and using their brains on how they can spread kindness and happiness to others easily this holiday season. 

Christmas Gnomes

Gnomes are the best. And when you can help the kids make their very own Christmas gnomes, you’re going to have some of the coolest Christmas decorations around.

Christmas Sensory Bin

This fun sensory bin is a simple activity for the kids. Create and let them explore using their hands. It’s a fun craft and activity that they can help with as well. 

DIY Christmas Tree Decorations

Why spend money at the store when you can let the kids create all the ornaments? Here are DIY Christmas decorations that the kids can make themselves. They will be so proud!

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Elf Slime

Even if you’re a “no slime” household, you’re not going to want to miss out on this simple Elf Slime recipe. It’s bright, fun, and festive! 

Gingerbread Houses with Graham Crackers

This is such a fun family activity! Putting together a Gingerbread House is a lot of fun and can be a simple treat to enjoy as well. Using graham crackers make it doable for all ages to join in on the fun. 

Gingerbread Man Cloud Dough

Making and playing with this fun Gingerbread Man Cloud Dough will allow kids to use their fine motor skills and senses.

Grinch Crafts

Can you ever have too many Grinch crafts? If you’re asking me, my answer is no. This list of Grinch crafts will have the kids wanting to make them all and there’s really no reason not to! 

Handprint Sugar Christmas Cookies 

This might not technically be a craft but in our world, everyone needs to create Christmas cookies during this time of year. Take a break from crafting and make these simple Christmas cookies. 

Homemade Poinsettia Wreath

This Homemade Poinsettia Wreath will look great in the house. It is a bit of work, but once the kids are done, you’ll have a beautiful holiday decoration to show off and hang up. 

Handprint Ornament Santa

Not only is this Handprint Ornament Santa a really cute activity for the kids but it’s also a simple way to have a fun memento of their age and hand size during that year. Add the date so that you can remember it as the kids get older. 

Paper Cup Elf

Who knew that using paper cups could be so cute? Kids will love making this simple Paper Cup Elf, and even better you probably have everything you need to make them at home.

Pine Cone Christmas Tree Craft 

Use pine cones and wine corks to make this Pine Cone Christmas Tree craft is so much fun! They literally look like mini Christmas trees!

Rainbow Pasta Tree

There are so many fun uses for pasta and this is one of them! This simple Rainbow Pasta Tree is a unique way to make a fun holiday tree. 

Rudolph Christmas Craft

This just might be the cutest Rudolph, ever. Hang it up in the tree or place it on the mantle for all to see.

Toilet Paper Roll Santa Claus

Save up those Toilet Paper rolls and make this adorable Santa craft. Fun, festive, and a great way to teach the kids about upcycling. 

Yarn Wrapped Ornaments

Kids will love making these yarn wrapped ornaments for the tree. They are simple to make, but they look oh so cute!

As you can tell, there is no reason to wait on creating great Christmas crafts. With all of these ideas, you have time right now to start making them all! Let the kids pick out their favorites to get started and watch their creativity and confidence blossom!

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