DIY Father’s Day Gifts

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Hey there Mama! Its time for your kids to show their appreciation of the man that they call Dad (or grandpa or Steve or whoever) and that means its time for you to get creative- especially with school being out this year! But no worries, we got this. Scroll down to see some of the best DIY Father’s Day gifts kids can create!

homemade father's day gifts

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You know the outdoorsy dad who is so hard to shop for? Well, this DIY campfire starter kit is the perfect solution! Not only is it charming, it is really practical. Your kids will love helping put these together.

Get the jelly jars and twine needed to make this gift


Have your kids help with this adorable Dad Picture Frame that he can proudly display at his desk or at home. Its so simple and adorable and is sure to melt any man’s heart.

Get the card stock needed to make this present.


This dinosaur planter is so fun and you probably need 2-3 in your house ASAP.

Purchase the toy dinosaurs and spray paint needed to make this gift.


This craft is ideal for any golfer and is great to do with younger kids. Plus its easy and quick! Help your hubby look like the trendiest dad on the course with these adorable tees.

Get the golf tees needed to make this gift.

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What’s better than seeing how much their kids love their dads? This questionnaire is a perfect way to show that love and can be displayed in your home for years to come.

Get a picture frame in order to make this gift.


This adorable craft  is for the head chef when if comes to all things grill related- a DIY Apron! It is simple and so thoughtful for any man who takes pride in his steak and burgers. Kids can decorate the apron however they see fit or create a design online and place it on the apron.

Get the blank apron and inkjet transfer paper needed to make this gift.


Dad can’t find his keys again? This Lego key organizer is a great DIY Father’s Day gift for kids to make. It is so fun and perfect for keeping Dad organized all year long. Its perfect for older kids to help design and will create a lot of pride in their gift for this year.

Get the Legos needed to make this gift.


Any hard working man deserves this inexpensive gift for fathers day! This homemade racecar shirt adorable craft is perfect to let dad relax on the group and entertain the kids at the same time. Everyone’s happy!

Get the white t-shirts and fabric markers needed to make this gift.

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Come on- what kid would not get excited making these homemade s’mores kit? All you need is a fire and you have a gift and the entire afternoon of fun planned PLUS dessert is covered!


How cute are these wood slice magnets? This is the perfect project to make extra special for Dad that you know would be used every single day. You can customize the drawings to represent the family and have a lot of fun creating- so get to it!

Get the wood slices and magnets to make this gift.

Which craft will your kids make for their dad?

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Father's Day Gifts Kids can Make

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