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Online Tech Camps

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Even though a lot of in-person camps are getting canceled, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t an abundance of online tech camps to enroll in and enrich the minds of your children. Now is the time to start looking at all the avenues for ways that you can still give your child that camp experience even if they aren’t leaving the house. (Updated May 2021)

Your kids are probably looking at you to take charge of their summer and give them plenty of options to have fun and learn. And luckily, thanks to the Internet and the ability to interact from varied locations all over the world, you can easily check out some online tech camp options that the kids are certain to love!

Online Tech Camps for Kids

Here are just a few of the online tech camps that your child might enjoy. Remember to do your research and gather up the information before enrolling so that you’re not spending a lot of money and getting little in return.

online tech camps
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Acera shows that remote learning is possible and will teach your child so much about STEM and STEAM concepts. While some camps are back in-person this summer, Acera is still offering virtual options for those of us who don’t live close by or don’t want to attend in person.

Online learning for kids is a great way to ease them into concepts that they might not be comfortable or familiar with.

Boolean Girl

Boolean Girl is an online tech experience that your child will not soon forget. Not only are they learning but they’re also getting great communication from teachers and leaders as well. The experiences at this camp have kids saying that they love the smaller sizes and knowledge.

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Camp Wonderopolis

If you’re looking for a fun and free online summer camp option for the kids, Camp Wonderopolis is great for kids. They offer a ton of class options that include music and STEM. The kids will be able to learn a lot with this online option this summer and might even be able to do multiple types of learning lessons and camps

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Code Whiz

Learning how to code at a young age is important. Since we live in a world of technology, your kids can get ahead of the game and figure out a passion early on in life. At Code Whiz, they’ll not only learn how to code but they’ll make new friends as well. It’s a great blend of learning and socialization.


Code REV is known for its coding camps as well as their Roblox and Minecraft camps, too. And if your child is interested in engineering, this is a great online STEM camp that has that option as well. 

There are other options besides gaming camps so be certain to choose based on needs. Also, pay attention to the timeframes and also if there are any network computer requirements for classes, too. 

Digital Media Academy

Digital Media Academy offers an abundance of course options for the summer! From Artificial Intelligence to Music Production, you’re not going to believe how many choices there are!

Talk to your child about what they’re interested in and then let them choose what they want to enroll in.

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Empow Studios

Digital production and movie production are just two of the concepts that your child can learn at Empow Studios digital camp. What a great way for them to explore a passion and curiosity all from the comfort of home.

Being able to create in the “studio” is certain to build your child’s confidence as well as their curiosity.

Game Camp

Is your child a gamer? Would they like to learn how to build their own video games? If so, then Game Camp is for them! They’ll learn how to create their own video game online in a step by step process so that they can continue to be creative at home.

This means that the next time that you’re telling them to turn off their game, you just might be telling them to turn off a game that they created and made on their own.

iD Tech

iD Tech Camp is one that is extremely popular for kids and with good reason! There are a lot of different programs that your child can enroll in and they’re certain to learn a lot about coding and STEM. There are even online camps where they can learn how to create their own online games from scratch as well.

They offer online camps for ages 7+ and have so many different options to choose from. Some of the options are Roblox, Minecraft, 3D game development, coding, and more. Sit down with the kids and have them look through the options and choose what they’d love to do.

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Does your child love to create and use their imagination? Kids4Coding has some really cool online STEM camps that can help them find their confidence and fine-tune their creativity. They’ll learn how to create animations online, create fun games from scratch, and more. 

Their confidence and knowledge will soar once they realize that they can make their own games online to test out and play. 

Lavner Camps and Programs

Lavner states on their website that they are the #1 online STEM camp for kids. With all their great online options, it’s easy to see how this could be the case. They offer 15+ online STEM camps that are live, too! 

Starting with options for Grades 1 and up, there just might be a perfect online camp for your child. Scroll through the options and see if they have the perfect fit. There are some classes that do require various operating systems so always pay attention to that detail before enrolling your child. 

National Computer Camps

Web page design, game design, and software applications are just a few of the things that your kids can learn National Computer Camps. Being able to log in and learn will open up such a wonderful world for them.

The fact that they can access this type of information right from home is just a testament to the importance of tech.


Outschool offers a variety of Tech camps and classes for kids. Kids can learn about coding, game design, programming, electrical circuits and more. They offer camps for kids from ages 4 and up.

Tech Revolution

The Tech Revolution is an award-winning online tech camp that excels in a ton of different areas. It can easily connect your child to a passion to help them explore and learn more. It’s also affordable and easy to access from home.

The great thing about this online virtual camp is that it’s open to a wide variety of ages so that all kids can join in on the learning fun. 

While the camps listed above are the main types of camps that are available currently to get enrolled in, don’t forget to check out your local science resources as well. Many universities and even libraries in your area might be using the online summer camp option as a way to provide local learning for your child, too. This means that you can potentially have multiple options for your child to log in from home and learn. 

Online technology camps offer a simple and easy way for your child to log in and learn. And the best part? They can sit down right next to you and study the programs that they have available. It’s fun to see them get so excited about learning and continuing their learning into the summer months.

by Thena Franssen


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