Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts Kids Can Make

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Calling all Dads!  Mother’s Day is almost upon us and between lack of school, no class craft and a quarantine, gift giving will be a little more challenging this year.  Since teacher’s usually send a homemade craft made by your child, and clearly that is not happening this year, it is time to get creative.  So dads, it is time to roll up your sleeves and help your child make a homemade Mothers Day gift that will touch any mama’s heart.

mothers day gifts kids can make

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Artwork Candles

For any candle loving moms out there, these artwork candles make the perfect gift!  Did you know your child can draw on tissue paper and you can transfer that art through wax paper onto a plain candle using a hairdryer?!  Super fun and cool homemade gift that, with some parental guidance and help, you will end up with an awesome candle covered in your child’s art.  Not only are they easy, but they turn out amazingly.

Time to make: 20 to 30 minutes

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Decorated Hand Plate

Since plaster and ceramic art stores are closed these days, and that is where you would normally go to paint plates with your child’s hand prints on them, these homemade decorated ceramic hand plates are perfect substitutes!  Though you will need to order a few items ahead of time, once you are all set up, the craft itself is pretty easy to do.  Just add handprints of the kids or a sweet saying and drawing, the ideas are endless.  Makes a lovey gift for moms and grandmas alike as you can personalize it to say whatever you wish.  Do make sure that your ceramic paint states that it is toxic-free and safe to use around food if you are wanting it as a usable dish.  If you are only using it to display, you don’t’ have to concern yourself with looking for toxic-free.

Time to make: 45 minutes

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Handprint Flower Bouquet

A super sweet idea that any Mother would love is this Handprint Flower Bouquet.  Though this specific craft shows it being made for teachers, you could easily alternate it for the mom in your life.  The kids will love tracing their hands and cutting them out and forming beautiful flowers out of them.  It’s definitely a lovely way to say Happy Mother’s Day.  You could even stick on a few dove chocolates to some of the flowers to make it extra sweet!

Time to make: 40 to 50 minutes depending how many “flowers” in your bouquet

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Handprint Mother’s Day Poem

With this printable handprint Mother’s Day poem, not only is the poem super sweet, but by adding your child’s handprints, it makes it that much more special.  After it dries, make sure to frame so mom can treasure this poem forever!

Time to make: 10 minutes

Homemade Sugar Scrub

Since mom has probably not had a pedicure in at least a few weeks, why not make a homemade sugar scrub?  While this recipe makes enough to fill 10 to 12 small jars, you could half the recipe or give as gifts to grandmothers, aunts, and friends alike.  The great thing about this is little ones can even help as they love to stir and add in the ingredients.

Time to make: 20 minutes

MOM Photo Frame Shoot

With just a few wooden letters to spell out mom, this Mom photo frame is adorable.  Just take three different pictures holding up each letter with your child.  If you have three children, each child takes their own photo holding up a letter.  Or if you have two kids, they each get to hold an “M” individually and together they could hold the “0”.  There are so many fun ways to do this and for the finishing touch you would just need a frame that holds three photos in a row and you are all set.  Do make sure you take the photos in the correct layout for the frame!  I did this for my husband when my daughter was little and it is one of my favorite gifts and I love looking at in his office.  The link shows this idea for dad, but gives you the gist of the idea.

Time to make:  30 minutes depending how cooperative your kids are taking photos.  Send them to Walgreens for quick turnaround and put them in the frame when you get home.

Get the photo frame to make this gift.

Mother’s Day in a Jar

For a fancy homemade gift, I love the idea of these Mother’s Day in a Jar.  You can totally customize all the things you are putting in the jar.  From a favorite smelling candle, to chocolates, to lotions and potions, this jar is all about mom’s favorite things!  Once you have all the items you would like to use, have the kids help put them in the jar and you are all set!  Don’t forget to add a colorful card or picture made by the kids to make it extra special.

Time to make: 10 minutes (not including time to shop and gathering things to put in jar)

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Pop-Up Heart Mother’s Day Card

Every gift needs a card, and is there anything better than a homemade card?  Personally, no there really isn’t!  With this fun, 3D pop up card, any mom’s heart is sure to be filled with love.  With just a few simple items needed, this craft is sure to be a hit.  If you do not happen to have cardstock or scrapbook paper, you could easily use construction paper and put your own spin on the design (or your kids spin).

Time to make: 20 to 30 minutes

Thumbprint Flower Pot

These thumb painted flower pots are absolutely adorable!  All you need is some plain terra cotta pots, acrylic paints and a black marker.  Take it an extra step and plant mom’s favorite herb or seeds of her favorite flower to make it extra special.  These can be cherished for a long time and compliment any garden beautifully.

Time to make: 35 minutes plus depending how many flower pots you are going to make

Get the terra cotta pots and acrylic paints needed to make this gift.

Tile Photo Coasters

Print out some super cute photos of the kids and turn them into coasters!  With this DIY Photo Coasters, mom will absolutely love the thought you put into this.  With a little mod podge and a white tile, you are on your way to creating a lasting masterpiece, she is sure to treasure.

Time to make: 50 minutes, including drying time of two 20-minute intervals.

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What are your favorite homemade Mother’s Day gifts you have received in the past?

by Megan Daniels

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