20 Alexa Skills for Homeschooling

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What hasn’t Amazon thought of? If you’re homeschooling, get ready to be impressed. These Alexa Skills for Homeschooling will have you realizing that you just might have your own digital tutor right in your very own home. 

And since most parents around the world are homeschooling or their kids are at home learning digitally, you just might find relief in the fact that Alexa can take over in certain areas and give you a bit of a break. Because let’s be real – you might not know all the answers to everything yourself but with the help of Alexa, you’re going to be able to figure it out. 

 Here are 20+ of the best Alexa skills for homeschooling that will really come in quite handy!

 20+ of the Best Alexa Skills for Homeschooling

Alexa has a lot of great learning options for kids. As you can see from this list, here are some math and science-specific options that work great, and below them, you’ll find a ton greater options for using Alexa skills in your homeschool classroom. 

alexa skills

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Cooking Tips

Preparing dinner can be easy using Alexa. You can also use her to teach the kids different cooking methods and measurements as well. 

Essay and Writing Tips 

Last but not least, use Alexa to work on writing tips and increase their correct grammar usage.

Exercise and Motivation

This is huge! Tell Alexa to play some music and have everyone get up and dance. Better yet ask her for some workout moves that you can do daily, too. 

Foreign Language Tutoring

If your child wants to learn a different language, Alexa can help teach him or her some new words. 

Helper/Teachers Assistant

Needing a bit of a break? Take one. Ask Alexa to give an art history lesson or talk to the kids about current events. They can listen and you can sit down. 

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History Facts

So much about our history is unknown but Alexa will try to give the kids a quick tutorial so that they can find out. 

Jeopardy (games)

Who says that trivia can’t be fun? Alexa is more than happy to try out a game of Jeopardy with anyone who wants to play. Just ask her! 


Having a bit of a hard homeschooling day? Ask Alexa to tell you a joke or two. Some are pretty corny, but they’ll likely crack the ice in the room and have everyone feeling a bit happier. 

Math Lessons

Who knew that Alexa was such a whiz at math? If you’re ready to have the kids hop on and learn all about math and other various math facts, there are several Alexa skills that can help. 

Some of the math skills that can be found on Alexa are: 

These help with addition, subtractions, and more math skills, all at various lessons and levels as well. 

Alexa will also save progress from day to day as well so that the kids know what they’re learning when they’re doing their daily math. 

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Music Choices

Classic music? Jazz? Hip hop? Introduce your kids to all the varieties of music easily all by just asking Alexa to play some. 

News Updates

If you’re wanting the children to stay current on all the current events happening in the world, Alexa will be more than happy to give you all the news updates that you could possibly want. 

Question Answering

Let the kids pick 5 random questions that they want to ask Alexa and see what she says. Just be ready – sometimes she says some really weird answers. 

Set Reminders for Lesson Plans

It’s hard trying to remember it all! Just set some reminders in Alexa so that no one misses out on anything. 

Science Lessons

Does your child love Science? Alexa offers some great learning resources that are all focused on science fun and activities. Some options that kids might enjoy are:

Learning about the solar system and overall Science topics is a great way to start the day. 


While Alexa can work with Amazon Prime, it doesn’t have to. This means that your child can interact and ask questions and get a break from the screens.

Spelling Bees

Can you beat Alexa in a spelling bee? You’re going to have to challenge her to find out! 


Even though it feels like time has literally stopped, you can use the timer feature to be certain that you’re staying on task. 

Trivia Questions

Speaking of trivia, Alexa is FULL of knowledge. She seems to literally know a fact about everything in the world and can’t wait to ask you some of the questions as well. 

Tune in to a documentary

Pair up with Amazon Prime and have the kids watch a documentary. It’s a great learning activity and experience. 


Don’t have a set of extra hands? No problem. You just have to say “Alexa” and she’ll be ready to help with your schooling in any way she can. 

Weather Forecasts and Information

Thinking of spending the day outside learning? Better check the weather quickly for your area. You can even use Alexa to talk to you about weather patterns and make it a valuable learning lesson as well. 

 See how easily Alexa can help with your homeschooling? Who knew that she had the power to do that much all while she was just sitting on your counter. The next time you’re needed a tutor for the day for the kids or just a little break, just remember that you already have a live-in helper (Alexa) that can assist in a multitude of different ways. 

by Thena Franssen

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