Easy Baking for Kids: A Review of Foodstirs

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When my daughter was younger I ordered Foodstirs boxes for her. She loved baking, and I wanted to foster that love, but I also wanted something easy for me and for her. I didn’t want to have to prepare too much or have buy all sorts of baking products. I also wanted something that she could do a lot of the work on her own so that she could have that “I am a big kid and I can do it by myself” feeling. My daughter is now 11, so we haven’t used Foodstirs in a long time, but I recently reordered Foodstirs for my son, who is 6.

What is Foodstirs

Foodstirs is a baking box for kids. Their boxes use all-natural ingredients and have less sugar than traditional baked goods. On their website, they offer different kits, such as their Out of this world donut kit or their Rainbow pancake kit that are always offered. They also come out with other special boxes throughout the year that represent the season that we are in, such as a fun tropical island cupcake for the summer or a gingerbread house for the holiday season.

Foodstirs also offers brownie, cookie and cake mixes which are more like traditional baking mixes but healthier.

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What I like about Foodstirs

What I liked about FoodStirs in the past, and still do, is that they make it easy for non-bakers and kids to start baking. The dry ingredients come pre- measured and pre-mixed, so kids just pour them into a bowl. Parents just add a couple of items from your home fridge or pantry, such as eggs, oil and Greek yogurt.

In addition to the pre-measured ingredients, they also include anything else that you need to create the dish that isn’t a wet or cold items, such as cupcake liners, small paper cake pans, etc. as well as all the toppings that you might need.

We all know that kids love sweets, but sweets aren’t usually the healthiest treat for kids. Foodstirs makes sweets healthier, by using less sugar and all natural ingredients which I do appreciate. Even better, the kids can’t tell the difference!

What we made

The box that I ordered for my son was a polar bear chocolate cupcake box. The box came with the pre mixed chocolate cupcake mix to which we needed to an egg and some vegetable oil. They also included a frosting mix packet to which we added Greek yogurt. Lastly, it included chocolate chips and candy chips to make the polar bear face. The box also comes with a set of instructions so you know how to make the recipe.

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An added bonus that we found

An added bonus if you have an older child and a younger child is that they can make the recipe on their own, with the older one helping the younger one. My son and daughter made the box on their own. As a matter of fact, they decided, they wanted to make a cake instead of cupcakes, as they had seen a double layer cake recently on a baking show. The Foodstirs package allowed them flexibility to do this. They just made the recipe the same way, but poured it into one of our baking dishes instead.

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Most individual kits are priced at $25.99. One kit, The Unicorn Pinwheel kit is $40.

Should you buy Foodstirs?

Would I recommend Foodstirs? I absolutely would! The kids enjoyed making it and they enjoyed eating it as well.

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