Valentine’s Crafts to do with the Kids

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Are you looking for some super fun Valentine’s Crafts to do with the kids? It’s that time of the year when you need to start planning out all the fun family-friendly crafts that everyone can easily join in on the fun. Crafting together is a great way to make any holiday special! 

If you’re ready to make all things using glitter, glue, and love, get ready to enjoy making these fun Valentine’s Day crafts together. The kids will love being able to create with you and build their confidence at the same time.

Here are just a few of my favorite Valentine’s crafts to share with each and every one of you. 

10 Valentine’s Crafts to do with Kids

All of these crafts are simple and easy to do but be certain that you stick with the kids for adult supervision. Since they’ll be cutting and creating with various tools, you’ll want to be close to help as needed.

valentine's day crafts

Conversation Heart Caterpillar

I’m pretty much obsessed over the cuteness of this Conversation Heart Caterpillar. And since conversation hearts aren’t really a thing anymore in stores, this is a great throw. back and reminder to the times that we all had growing up. 

Handprint Valentine 

This Handprint Valentine just might be one of the cutest cards for Valentine’s Day ever. And letting the kids join in on the fun and draw their hands is just too cute to pass up! 

Heart Buddies

Oh, my goodness, just wait until you see these adorable little Heart Buddies. Not only are they great for preschoolers but they’re just really fun to make and have as well. 

I Love You To Pieces Craft

What a message, right? This I Love You To Pieces craft lets the kids express and show their love with a beautiful work of art! 

Love Hound Heart

This little Love Hound Heart is so cute and the perfect way to put a smile on everyone’s face this Valentine’s Day. And since this craft is done in such a short amount of time, you might be making a lot of these, too! 

Owl Valentine Card

This Owl Valentine Card  is a “hoot”. Let them make their own owl card and then share it with family and friends. Homemade cards are always the best! This is one that you could easily hand-deliver to family and friends. 

Paper Plate Cute Bird Craft 

Who knew that there were so many different things that you could use paper plates for! This Paper Plate Cute Bird Craft  is great for younger kids. 

Rainbow Heart Wreath

If you’re looking for a simple homemade Valentine’s Day decor, you’re going to love this easy Rainbow Heart Wreath. This is one that the kids can easily make on their own and proudly display. 

Secret Love Notes

The kids are going to be amazed by this fun activity. They’ll be able to write down their very own Secret Love Notes  to share with someone that they love. 

Valentine Bear Card 

Your child loves you “bear”y much and they’re going to want to make this Valentine Bear Card  just for that purpose. Just be ready – the kids might want to make all of their Valentine’s Day cards from scratch after making this one. 

Valentine’s Day Slime

It’s always a good time for slime! This Valentine’s Day Slime slime recipe is a great way to let them have a bit of messy fun and play as well. 

Valentine’s Play Dough

Slime just isn’t going to be enough so you’re going to want to be certain to make this fun Valentine’s Play Dough recipe as well. It’s fast and easy and a great sensory craft, too. 

See how many fun Valentine’s crafts there are to do with kids?! Channel your inner artist and sit right down beside them. You’ll love being able to create and they’ll love that you’re joining in on the fun.

Which of these Valentine crafts to do with kids are you going to do first? 

by Thena Franssen

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