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20 Holiday Movies for Kids on Netflix (2021)

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Thanksgiving is behind us, and it is time to light the tree, put on your coziest jammies, and fire up the TV for all things Christmas. We’ve done the hard work for you and complied a list of twenty holiday movies on Netflix that you and your family will enjoy.  Some of the movies are better suited for the littlest viewers while others are better suited for tweens and teens.

Holiday Movies to Watch with Kids

Here are 20 holiday movies to watch with the kids this year.

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A Boy Called Christmas

Nikolas is on a mission to find his father.  While on his mission, Nikolas encounters a mystical land with elves, reindeer, and other magical creatures too.  During his quest, Nikolas hopes to bring home the gift of hope and a spark for Christmas.  This is one to be enjoyed by the whole family, both young and old.

A Go!  Go!  Cory Carson Christmas

Imagine you are at home and Santa comes crashing through your living room!  Now poor Santa doesn’t remember who he is and Cory must help him remember to save the holidays for everyone.  This cute half hour movie is perfect for toddlers and older.

A StoryBots Christmas!

Where is the best place to make toys?  Well, Santa’s workshop, of course!  One of the StoryBots, Bo, makes her way to Santa’s workshop to ask him about giving great gifts, only to find that he is missing.  This short and adorable movie is perfect for the littlest viewers.

A Trash Truck Christmas

Trash Truck doesn’t know about Christmas so Hank and friends are going to tell him all about it – and just in time too!  Santa’s sleigh is having some mechanical trouble and he’s got to get presents to all the kids and Trash Truck and friends are ready to help!  This short film is perfect for the littlest viewers and preschoolers.

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Alien Xmas

Aliens are sneaky little critters and want to steal everything Earth has to offer, including gravity!  A sweet little elf discovers that her new playmate, an alien named X, has plans to seal Earth’s gravity and presents until he gets a dose of Christmas spirit.  This forty five minute holiday special is perfect for children of all ages, including little ones two and older.

Angela’s Christmas 2:  Angela’s Wish

In this adorable holiday film, Angela’s wish more than anything is to have her father home for Christmas.  So she devises a plan to bring her whole family together for the holidays.  This is sure to be a favorite of children five and older.

Captain Underpants:  Mega Blissmas

Christmas is fun, cheerful, and weird?  George and Harold are tired of the same old Christmas traditions so they go back in time to switch up a few things and boy do they ever!  Things get weird and along with Captain Underpants, they have got to make things right.  This is a great movie for children seven and older.

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Chico Bon Bon and the Very Berry Holiday

Barry Beary is fast asleep and the Blunderberry cakes have to be delivered on Blunderberry Eve to all the homes!  Don’t fear – the Fix It Force is ready to step in and deliver the cakes to save the holiday for the entire town.  This adorable movie is recommended for toddlers and twos.

David and the Elves

A weary, tired, and overworked elf has had it.  He decides to go to the real world to experience the magic of Christmas just like a regular person.  Here he meets David and the two become friends.  This is another great family movie for children ages three and older.

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Dreamworks Holiday Classics

Not one, but four holiday movies that the whole family will enjoy!  Join Shrek and Donkey, Hiccup and Night Fury, and the zany characters from Madagascar as they bring holiday magic to your whole family.  These holiday short films will be enjoyed by children of all ages.

Holiday Rush

Rush is a radio DJ and a widowed father of four that has provided well for his family.  Now, budget cuts at his job has him out of work right before Christmas.  Now, he has to move back to his old house with his family and start from scratch.  Tweens and teens will love this movie as Rush has to show his children the real meaning of the season.

Jingle Jangle

This one is sure to become a family favorite!  Jeronicus Jangle is a toymaker that was betrayed by his trusted apprentice, making his heart and spirit grow cold.  Once his kind and inquisitive granddaughter comes into his life, he rediscovers hope and a newfound joy in toymaking.  While this may be a fun movie for the entire family, children five and older may enjoy it more that the little ones.


In this movie better suited for children ten and older, Jesper, a terrible Postal Academy student, and Klaus, a reclusive toy maker, become unlikely friends.  They team up to bring a joy to their town, the unhappiest place on earth.

Mighty Express:  A Mighty Christmas

It’s not the Polar Express, but if you have a kiddo that enjoys trains, this movie is for them.  The letters to Santa have to be delivered or the children of Tracksville won’t get any presents! Now, with a snowstorm looming, Santa’s reindeer won’t fly so it’s up to the Mighty Express to save the day!  Children three and older will find this film fun.

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Robin Robin

What happens when a bird is raised by a mouse and their Christmas wish is to be a mouse?  Robin will try to wish upon a Christmas star to become a mouse like the rest of his family but in the end will learn what being a family is really all about.  It is a cute movie that kiddos four and older will enjoy.

Shaun the Sheep:  The Flight Before Christmas

Fans of Shaun the Sheep will love the shenanigans he gets into in this time.  Little Timmy is in danger and it is up to Shaun and the rest of the farm to save him.  Children four and older will like this one for sure.

The Claus Family

Julian hated Christmas until his grandfather became ill and tells him their family secret.  Julian realizes that he is his town’s only hope to save Christmas.  This movie is recommended for children five and older.

Trolls Holiday

Queen Poppy just realized that her friends, the Bergens, don’t celebrate any holidays, and that is not okay with her.  So, Poppy and friends go on a mission to make new traditions to celebrate.  In the process, she shows her friends that holidays are necessary to celebrate, especially with people you love.  Toddlers and preschoolers will love this short movie.

White Christmas

Christmas isn’t just for the kids!  Netflix doesn’t usually have classics but this year, we are all wishing for a White Christmas when two friends home from the war fall for two sisters.  They follow the ladies to a resort that just so happens to be run by their former commanding officer.  It is sure to become a family favorite.  This movie is for an older generation and teenagers may love it as well.

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