15 Science Shows for Kids on Netflix

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Are you looking for great Science Programs or Science Shows for kids on Netflix that might be perfect for your homeschooling curriculum?  Netflix is full of awesome Science Programs that are wonderful for helping your child learn more about science. The great part about being able to homeschool is the realization that not everything has to be learned from a textbook.

These are just a few of the Science shows for kids on Netflix that can answer a lot of questions or stem even more great conversations about the science of our world. The kids will love being able to take some time away from books/the computer to watch a show on Netflix. They may not even realize that it’s actually educational!  

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Science Shows for Kids on Netflix 

These shows will all have a scientific aspect to them that will be great for a wide variety of ages. Use these to create STEM activities or dive more into having scientific conversations. 

72 Cutest Animals

This series explores 72 of the cutest animals and examines how their cuteness helps them to survive.

Bill Nye: Science Guy

There’s a reason that he’s popular and been around for forever. He knows his stuff and loves sharing his knowledge with the world. The kids are going to enjoy learning from him, and it just might be their preferred way to have science class as well. 


Kids will love Brainchild. It tackles topics that kids are always wondering about but goes about answering them in a fun and engaging way. Be ready, they just might want to binge-watch this one! 

Emily’s Wonder Lab

Host Emily makes science fun for kids with activities, demonstrations and at-home experiments to continue the fun after the episode is over.

If I Were an Animal

Perfect for little kids, they’ll love learning about how life would be if they were an animal. They’ll talk about swans, foxes, and many other animals and the kids will enjoy it, too. 

The Magic School Bus and The Magic School Bus Rides Again

If you grew up reading The Magic School Bus then you’re all too familiar with how the story works. That school bus is magical but helps the kids learn so much about Science at the same time. This fun cartoon is also quite educational as well. 

Mystery Science Theater

Talk about a throwback. This is one show that you’re going to love as well so make the kids move over on the couch so you can join in on the fun. It’s engaging and fun, not to mention educational. 

Night on Earth

This nature series look at animal activities at night. Explore the animals of Africa, jungle animals, underwater animals and more.


Geared toward the younger kids, this cartoon show is great for engaging them while also having them feel as though they’re watching a fun Saturday morning cartoon. They’ll want to watch and be learning at the same time. 

Oh Yuck!

If your kids like to have things a little bit messy, they just might enjoy tuning in to this show. And be ready, there are some gross topics which make this be a suitable name for sure. 

Our Planet

Learning about our world and Earth is certain to be interesting. This show will go into the details of how our planet works in terms of the climate, life, and more. 

Project MC2

This Science show really appeals to tween and teen girls and draws them in to explore their love of learning. A group of girls set out to solve different cases using science along the way. It’s a hit with the older girls but is really a good show for both boys and girls of any ages. 

Sid the Science Kid

With the help of his teacher and friends, Sid tackles science questions that kids might have. This show is better for younger kids.

Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab

Two kids discover Thomas Edison’s secret lab that includes a virtual version of Thomas Edison himself. With virtual Edison as their guide, the kids set out to explore the fascinating world of science!

The Universe

This tends to draw in the older crowd, but you might be surprised when the younger kiddos like it as well. Learning all about our world really is quite interesting and this is something that truly might be of interest. 

There are so many great Science programs on Netflix for kids. And the good news is that they change them out quite frequently, too. 

If you’re ready for a new topic for the kids to learn about, all you have to do is start up your Netflix and scroll around until you find something appropriate. Make certain that you just verify the appropriate age range for your kids to watch, and you’ll be having them learn in no time at all. 

If you’re needing to find Science lessons or fun Science programs, Netflix is the perfect place to start. 

by Thena Franssen

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