Summer Camp Options for Young Kids

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Camps this year will be teeming with students, but where do you send your child?  If you have a child that may be too old for preschool camps in Orlando, but not old enough for the big kid camps, then it came sometimes be even harder to figure out where to send them. Don’t worry!  We have comprised a list of ten summer camps for children ages four to seven.

Summer Camp Options for Kids 4 to 7

Here are 10 great summer camp options in Orlando for the littles!

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American Dragon Martial Arts Summer Camp

Every parent wants to keep their child busy for the summer, not just having them sitting in front of the television or on a gaming system.  American Dragon Martial Arts Summer Camp is just that.  Their summer camps offer children from preschool to high school a chance to build friendships, build strength, and build confidence.  Their camps tun the entire summer with half day and full day programs to suit the parents’ needs. 

Art Room Summer Camp

If you have a creative first grader in your home, then get them over to the Art Room Summer Camp.  This year, the camps run from June to August and in two hour increments.  Parents can choose to sign up for single or multiple sessions daily.  This camp is better suited for children six and older.

Astro Skate Summer Camp

Roll bounce your way over to Astro Skate Summer Camp!  Located on South Goldenrod Road in Orlando, Astro Skate is a great camp for children five to eleven years old.  They offer half day and full day camps with both onsite and offsite activities.  Some of the trips have a fee separate from the weekly tuition.  Summer camp starts the last week of May and runs through August.

Capoeira Martial Arts Summer Camp

Fitness, fun, and friends is what your child will take away after attending the Capoeira Martial Arts Summer Camp.  This camp focus on teaching your child the Brazilian art form of martial arts that combines self defense with dancing and music.  This camp is perfect for children ages four to thirteen and highschoolers can apply as well to take part in the leadership camp.

Central Florida Community Arts Summer Camps

Each summer, Central Florida Community Arts Summer Camps offers fun activities for preschoolers to teens.  Starting in June and ending in August, the CFCA Summer Camps offer a fun time to children ages four through ten years old (some weekly camps have different age ranges).  There is a registration fee for the weekly camps and this year, there is also financial aid available to those families that qualify.

Code Ninjas Summer Camp

Do you have a techie in your home?  Don’t know what to do with them for the summer?  Send them to the Code Ninjas Summer Camp!  If your child is five and older, the Code Senseis will guide your child and help them gain tech skills, all while making new friends.  Summer camps start the last week of May and runs through mid August.  

Creative Jane Art Summer Camp

Creative Jane Art Summer Camp is perfect for the artist in your home. Children five and older will love the different mediums that they will work in such as paper mache, painting, clay, and fiber arts.  Their days will be filled with messy creations and amazing art.  For children under the age of five, check out the art camps for the little ones every Friday.  The camps will run from June through the first week of August.

Dance 360 Orlando Summer Camp

Dance!  Dance!  Dance!  The Dance 360 Orlando Summer Camp is back and better than ever.  Children from ages three to fourteen will enjoy dance lessons as well as arts and crafts, regular camp fun, and each week has a different theme, so the campers know what’s coming each week.  Dance 360 offers half day and full day classes from mid June through the first week of August.

Florida Film Academy Summer Camp

The Florida Film Academy Summer Camp is for older children, seven to fifteen years old, who are interested in cinematic arts.  Your youngster experience directing, filmmaking, production and post production.  Children are grouped together in small classes with an instructor to ensure that each child will receive individual attention.  Summer camp starts may and continues through August.

Free Kick Soccer Camp

Free Kick Soccer Camp has a ten week program filled with activities, training, and fun!  This indoor facility, perfect for children ages four to fourteen, is designed for beginner and intermediate leveled players.  There summer camp runs from the end of June through the first week of August and with their certified coaches, promise to keep your children fit and provide them fun for the entire summer.

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