Kid Friendly Hiking Trails in Orlando

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Are you looking for kid-friendly hiking trails in or near the Orlando area? Nature has so many opportunities just waiting for you to explore. Lace up the kid’s hiking shoes and hit the trails as you’ll find some of the best hiking trails for kids to get out and walk about on. Don’t forget to pack some snacks and water and enjoy your time together out in the sun.

All of these trails should be appropriate for kids but it’s a good idea to do your research yourself. If you’re worried that a terrain might be too difficult, you can always see if there is an alternative trail to walk on as a family.

Kid-Friendly hiking trails in Orlando

Here are some of the best places to go hiking in and around the Orlando, Florida area.

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Airport Lakes Trail

You’ll find that this is a very short trail, and is actually more like a boardwalk. It could be a good trail for young kids to be able to see and walk near the lake. There are also plenty of cool airplanes that are certain to fly overhead!

Cady Way Trail 

This is another great trail for the kids that is fully paved as well. Good for strollers, and wheelchair friendly, too. The entire trail is over 12 miles which would be quite a feat to tackle with the kids, but you can easily break it down into sections to make it more manageable and more fun.

Cay Lake Trail

This trail goes around a man-made lake and it right outside of a community of houses. It’s mostly paved and is just a quick 1.5-mile hike for the kids to get out of the house and enjoy.

All of these fun trails are perfect for the kids to get out and explore. And if you have further questions or are worried about any of the trails, read up on them and make your choice based up real reviews of others who have recently visited the trails.

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Lake Eola

This trail is located downtown and is only 1.1 miles in length. It’s an easy trail that offers a lot of chances for people watching and dog watching, too. If you’re wanting to get a good hike or stroll in without having to leave the city, the trail around Lake Eola is calling your name.

Little Econ Greenway

The great part about this trail is that it’s fully paved. So that means there aren’t any rocks or branches or sticks to have to worry about and if you have a little one in a stroller, this trail would be great to use for that purpose.

This trail is also dog-friendly, but the dogs do have to be kept on a leash at all times. The entire trail is over 7 miles in length, but you can pick and choose if you’re wanting to finish or turn around and cut it short.

Orlando Urban Trail

There are fun art sculptures to see along this trail, along with beautiful water views, too. Taking the kids during the morning hours when the temperatures are a bit cooler can be a good idea since there isn’t a ton of shade on certain parts of this trail.

Orlando Wetlands Trail

Kids will love walking around one of the trails at Orlando Wetlands Park and seeing animals in the wild. Animals that you will see include alligators, lots of alligators, deer, rabbits, butterflies, birds, turtles and more. Note that there is no shade in the park, so it is not recommended for warmer months during the middle of the day.

Pine Island East Loop Trail

While this trail is just shy of 3.5 miles in length, it’s been rated an easy trail with a good amount of shade. Keep your eyes peeled for flowers, animals, and even some possible tree routes on the trail path that might trip you up if you’re not looking.

And if you happen to get tired of hiking, you can even look at getting a canoe or kayak and finishing out the trek.

Split Oak Forest North/South Trail

You’re going to love the ease of this trail! It does tend to be a busier trail so if you’re looking for a place with fewer people, this might not be the trail for you and your family.

Not only are people and kids allowed to be on these trails, but horses are as well! Be prepared to share the paths with them, too. But in all honestly, it’s really quite fun to come up on some horses as they’re clopping by!

Three Lakes Loop

With over 5 miles of trails, there are a lot of options to choose. You’ll see many people out on these trails running or just enjoying the fresh air. Depending on the path of trail that you take, there is about 50% shade coverage, so be certain to pack your sunscreen for you and your babies.

The trails wind around three beautiful lakes which really does make it quite a pleasant experience and view.

Turkey Lake Nature Trail

This is quite a busy nature trail for hikers, bikers, walkers, runners, and nature lovers in general. It’s just shy of being 2 miles in length and is another popular trail for families and kids.

Do you have any other recommendations for kid-friendly hiking trails in or around the Orlando area? 

by Thena Franssen

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