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Fun Camp Games To Play With KIds

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One of the things we start doing every new year is start thinking of fun camps that the kids can attend during the upcoming summer. During camp, they get to try new things, meet new people and discover new activities they love. Every year during camp, they also come home with a bunch of new camp games that they have learned.

Because I don’t attend camp, I don’t have a lot of insight into these games (just the little I have heard from my kids), so I reached out to a kid to help me out. So, I would like to introduce the writer of our new monthly Teen Column, Carrington Meyer. Each month she will be writing an article on fun things to do with older kids in Orlando from a teen’s point of view.

Now back to the camp games.

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Fun Camp Games to Play with Kids

Here are 10 fun camp games that you can play at home. They are great just for weekend fun or if you are having an at-home birthday party.

camp games to play at home

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Blob Tag 

Have one person be it and start tagging other players. But once a player gets tagged they must link arms with the person who is it and other tagged players. The objective of the game is to be the last person left untagged by the blob of taggers.


The game begins with the person who is it yelling out “Camouflage” and the rest of the players will hide. The person who is it will then count to ten.

Once they finish counting they will look around for anyone not fully hidden. If they spot anyone they will yell out their name and their location. If they were correct that person is now out but if they are incorrect the person they saw is still in the game.

The leader then will turn around and say something such as green light and then count to five this time. The game continues until everyone is out or until someone can tag the person who is it without being seen. 

Catch the Cane

For this game you will need a ball or some kind of object you can throw in the air and catch. One person will start by assigning numbers to the players without the other players knowing their number.

Then have the players form a circle and have one person go in the center of the circle. They will call out one of the numbers and then throw the object in the air. The person whose number is called has to run and catch it and then they become the new person in the center of the circle.


Split your players into two teams and give each team an equal amount of balls. Then when the game starts players will run across to the other team’s side of the playing area and try to steal their balls. But if a player gets tagged while on the other team’s side they have to go to jail and can only leave jail if rescued by a teammate. The game ends when one team has captured all of the other team’s balls or everyone on one team is in jail.

Everybody’s It Tag

Have all of the players spread on a large playing field. Once everybody is ready, one person will yell “Everybody’s it!” and all of the players will run around trying to tag each other while trying not to get tagged themselves.

Once a player gets tagged they sit down on the ground with their arms out to try and continue and tag other players who are still in the game and the last player still in wins.

Fire Machine

Choose one person to be the fire machine. Then the rest of the players can think of a location, such as space, and the fire machine has to think of different ways they would move around in that location. Then the fire machine will move around using that theme and try to tag the rest of the players.

Fire Tender

First choose one person to be the Fire Tender and have them sit blindfolded in a collection of twigs and sticks. Then the rest of the players will go and try and steal sticks from the Fire Tender without them hearing.

Four Corners

Choose someone to be it and assign a number 1- 4 to each corner of the play area. Then the person who is it will close their eyes and the players will run to the corners. Then the person who is it, without opening their eyes, will call one of the numbers. If they call out for example corner 3 and you were in that corner you would be out. The game ends when there is only one person left in.


This game is like the opposite of hide and seek. First choose one person to be the hider and have them hide. Then everybody goes to search for that person.  But once they find that person instead of calling out that they found them, like in a normal game of hide and seek, they will hide with them. The last person to find the hiders becomes the next first person to hide.


Spoons is a game like musical chairs but without the chairs. 

Have players walk around the playing surface with the spoons on it but make sure there is always one less spoon than the amount of players so when it is time to grab them one person will be left without one.

Players continue to be eliminated until there is one person still left in.

Any of these games would be a lot of fun to play with the kids. Let us know if you play one of the games and how it went.




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