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Saving the Beauty of Winter: Review of At-Home Escape Room

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This weekend, my family and I tried out the second at-home escape room game by Escape Room Geeks, Saving the Beauty of Winter. An evil scientist decided he didn’t like winter, with all the cold and ice, and created a machine that would alter the Earth’s temperature and get rid of winter forever. We had one hour to solve all the clues and save winter for everyone.

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How the At-Home Escape Room  Works

After you purchase the Escape Room online, Escape Room Geeks sends you the files that you need by email. To play the game, all you NEED to do is print out the challenges and then give them one by one to your family as they play the game and give you right answer to move on to the next challenge.

You, however, can make it more fun, by providing boxes and locks (which if you like to play at-home escape games are a good investment) that your family has to enter the code into to unlock the box and get to the next challenge. My husband did this and it definitely added to the fun of the game.

The day of play, he read out the back story of the Escape Room, which is always a lot of fun to hear, and then gave us the first challenge to kick it off. We then worked as fast as we could to solve the challenges.

Level of Difficulty of the Game

This is our third at-home escape game that we have played this year. Normally, I set them up, but this time my husband did, and it was interesting to be play the game instead. I definitely now appreciate the effort that can go into solving the puzzles.

The first challenge took us about 15 minutes to solve. This challenge involved more cutting and pasting than the other challenges, which is good for younger family members that might be playing to help out. Challenge 2 was by far the most difficult and we spent about 25 minutes on this challenge and had to get 3 hints, or we might still be there. The last challenge only took us 5 minutes to solve.

The game will take more or less time depending on who is playing. It was just me, my 11-year old (who did most of the work to be honest) and my 6-year old.

What is included in the game?

The game itself, invitations for the escape room(if you are using it for a party and victory posters that you can use for photos at the end. They also include a music playlist that will also help build the ambience during the game.

You have to provide your own glue, scissors and pencil to complete the challenges.

Things to Note

The game is recommended for kids ages 9-13 and I would say that this is accurate. My 11-year old had a good time and the challenges were indeed challenging for her, and me. My 6-year old didn’t really participate as the challenges were too hard for him. He did, however, help with some of the cutting and gluing, and entering codes into the locks.

This escape room does have quite a bit of cutting and gluing, so be prepared for this.


Saving the Beauty of Winter costs $19.

Final Verdict

My family saved the beauty of winter and had a lot of fun doing it!

Escape Room Geeks provided me a with a free copy of the game in order to facilitate this review. As always, all opinions are my own.


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