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Are you needing some inspiration for some new arts and craft ideas for the kids?  It is time to get the creative juices flowing.  Roll up your sleeves and have some fun crafting with your children.  Here are some fun ideas for kids arts & crafts projects that you do not need a ton of supplies to make.  Give one a whirl!

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Cherry Blossom Painting

Make a Cherry Blossom Painting, using cotton balls to paint on the blossoms, it is a festive spring project that will add some beauty to your day.

Coffee Filter Butterflies

Coffee Filter Butterflies are perfect for spring!  With so many butterflies out and about in the garden, try making one of your own!

Craft-tastic Dream Catcher Kit

Craft-tastic Dream Catcher Kit is a fun kids arts & crafts project for kids 8 years and older.  With the world being a crazy place these days, help soothe your kids with this Dream Catcher Kit.  Let’s happy dreams pass through, and catches the bad dreams for a better night sleep.

Edible Finger Paint

Edible Finger Paint is a fun kids arts & crafts project that only requires 2 ingredients!  Not only can you make pretty artwork, but tasty too!  Great idea especially for littles who always seem to always have their hands in their mouth.

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Edible Play dough

Edible Play dough  could not be easier to make.  With a few different edible recipes linked, you can find ones with only 2 or 3 ingredients and chances are you already have what you need in the pantry.

Fairy Gardens

Fairy Gardens are super cute and can be made with simple things you have around your house or in your craft closet such as buttons, gems, rocks, popsicle sticks, leaves, etc.  Let your child’s imagination go wild!

Flower Painting Garden Art

Flower Painting Garden Art is perfect for those with kids that love collecting plants and flowers.  Make beautiful creations by just using some paint and flowers and leaves.

Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelets are perfect to make and send to friends that your child may not be able to see.  Great for older kids as it involves a form of braiding.  This craft makes for fun creativity as you can use whatever color to make these bracelets.

Homemade Kaleidoscopes

Homemade Kaleidoscopes are a super fun way to bond with your littles or give your older kids some space to craft on their own.  All you need is a paper towel tube, beads and some aluminum foil.

Melted Bead Suncatchers

Melted Bead Suncatchers make for a beautiful item that are easy to make on your grill outside and even nicer to display.  With just a few simple necessities to create, your child will be proud to display.

Mindware Paint Your Own Mosaic Flower Pot

Mindware Paint Your Own Mosaic Flower Pot with this cute kit.  Best suited for ages 8 years and up, have your child paint their own flower pot with mosaic design.  If you have some seeds on hand, you could plant and watch them grow in your child’s beautiful creation.

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Moon Sand

Moon Sand is a great activity for those with kids who love sand.  If you can’t go to the beach, bring the beach to your child with only two ingredients needed.  Fun to make and even more fun to play with!

Paper Chain of Hearts

Paper Chain of Hearts is a fun way to spend the day with your older kids.  Perfect for tweens and teens as you have to use a stapler, your child will become totally immersed in this project.  Plus makes for a nice decoration filled with love.

Paper Plate Snails

Paper Plate Snails make for an adorable animal craft.  Most items needed to create this craft are probably in your arts supply closet already!

Rock Painting

Rock Painting is for both young and older kids alike.  Let the littles paint abstract and simple designs while the older kids can try one of these fun designs in the link.

Sand Art

Sand Art is a classic I remember well from childhood.  If is a lot of fun and easy for kids to design their own project.

Salt Painting

Salt Painting looks so cool!  I have never tried salt painting before and really you could make any design you wish, though in this specific craft they show making fireworks.  Love the technique and is a big hit with kids who have tried it.

Sharpie Drawings on Tinfoil

Sharpie Drawings on Tinfoil make for fun doodling designs by just using tinfoil and permanent markers.  A great craft for kids a little bit older as the markers are permanent.

Soap Clouds

Soap Clouds make for a fun arts and crafts project mixed with a little bit of science.  After your child has made the soap clouds, turn it into soap bars for the tub, all of which your kid can make.  Just make sure you only use Ivory soap or the magic may not work.

What are your favorite crafts to make with your kids?

by Megan Daniels

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