Christmas Tree Stroll at Disney Springs

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My family loves the Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail. To us, there is nothing better than combining Disney and Christmas, except for maybe throwing in no crowds too. Last year, we managed to go just early enough in the season and right when night was about to fall to experience the Christmas Tree Trail sans crowds. It was magical to see all the decorated trees and all the lights. My kids really enjoyed looking at all the different themed trees and looking for the ones that represented their favorite movies.

With COVID-19, we thought that we wouldn’t be able to experience the magic of the Christmas Tree Trail this year. We were wrong! It was reimagined as the Christmas Tree Stroll. We were able to see all of our favorite trees again this year, just in a different way.

disney springs christmas tree trail

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2020 Christmas Tree Stroll (Where are the trees at Disney Springs?)

This year, instead of all the trees being in one location at the back of Disney Springs, the trees have been spread throughout Disney Springs to reduce crowding in one location. As you walk through Disney Springs, you will notice some of the trees. Other trees, you would specifically have to seek out to find them; as a matter of fact, we actually walked past some of the trees without even realizing they were there.

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The kids and I did go on a hunt to find all of the trees (there are 12 total). If you want to do the hunt as well, you can pick up a hunt map which lays out where each of the trees are. (We found it easiest to grab a map at the Information Center which is pretty close to the Orange Garage). The map also provides 12 stickers so that you can place the corresponding movie sticker on the map once you have located that tree.  The kids had a great time searching throughout Disney Springs for the different trees.

Note that there are trees all the way from House of Blues up to Earl of Sandwich, which is to say from one end of Disney Springs to the other, so you will be doing a lot of walking. If you have very small kids, I would recommend bringing the stroller.

disney springs christmas tree stroll

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Best Time to do the Christmas Tree Stroll

It really depends on whether you are looking for less foot traffic or more magic. Disney Springs opens at 10am and that’s when we went to do our stroll. It was pretty empty with a lot of space to walk around. As time got closer to 12pm more people started to enter Disney Springs, but it was nowhere near as crowded as a Thursday night in September when we were there. Talking to one of the food sellers at Disney Springs, they said that nights are typically more crowded due to the heat. I don’t know how that will change now with lower temps.

Night time will definitely be more magical, as all the trees will be lit and the other decorations around Disney Springs will be lit up as well.

Cost of the Christmas Tree Stroll

There is no cost to do the Christmas Tree Stroll, and you might be able to get out of there without spending any money. I decided to let each of the kids pick out one holiday treat as Disney does them really well. The Candy Cauldron had some fun Mickey and Minnie chocolate apples that your kids might. The Ganachery has amazing s’mores that they make in front of you (we got these last year).

This year, we stopped at Vivoli il Gelato by the Boathouse. My daughter and I both had Hot Chocolate Affogatos (you get to pick two flavors of gelato to go inside) and my son just had a cup of gelato with two flavors. We were able to sit outside and watch the cars drive into the water, which was a lot of fun.

We had a great morning out at The Christmas Tree Stroll and it was a fun way to kick off our 2020 holiday season.

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