Spark STEM Fest Coming to Orlando

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Otronicon has evolved into Spark STEM Fest and it is coming to Orlando Science Center President’s Day weekend! If you loved attending Otronicon in the past, then you will love Spark STEM Fest.

Spark STEM Fest builds on Otronicon’s success, but focuses on the entire STEM field, not just technology.  Presented by UCF Office of Research, Spark STEM Fest wants to inspire, engage, and help to stimulate fascination with STEM careers, all while encouraging meaningful interactions between the public and STEM professionals.

What is Spark STEM Fest

Spark STEM Fest is a 4-day event that will take place over President’s Day weekend at the Orlando Science Center.


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This 4-day event features multiple exhibitors, workshops, and demonstrations, led by STEM experts and is great for kids and adults of all ages. Some of the amazing activities, experts and exhibits that will be at the fest include:

  • Greg Kennedy, a World Renowned Juggler weaves science, engineering and art gracefully into a live show illustrating the physics at work during his kinetic creations. This show makes physics approachable through relatable stories and captivating demonstrations.
  • John Collins, a master paper airplane builder and has amazed audiences on Conan O’Brien and shared his secrets with Wired Magazine. He has studied both origami and aerodynamics to design planes that set world records. He will be showing guests how to build many of his designs, including the one that broke the Guinness World Record by flying 226 feet 10 inches.
  • A Live Acrobatic Show – Flip for science by enjoying this live acrobatic show that is the perfect blend of education and fun! Watch as the duo from WeFlip teach basic science concepts and then demonstrate how they put them to work with acrobatics! They climb five stacked chairs and test Newton’s Second Law by dropping objects from great heights!
  • Learn About NASA – Learn about the Artemis Program and other current and upcoming NASA missions launching from our own backyard on the Space Coast. Act as an engineer in KSC’s Exploration Ground Systems program and work with your team to build your own Mobile Launcher tower that can withstand the winds experienced on the launch pad.
  • Projection-Mapping – We have all now seen amazing projection mapping on a building and seen it change before our eyes to become something or be somewhere else. What if this object that we were projecting on was moved? What if the movement was not predicable? See demonstrations of dynamic projection mapping on a moving object and learn its secrets, thanks to the experts at 7thSense.
  • Learn About Our Oceans – Discover all about sharks, our ocean and how you can help protect both with the passionate marine biologists from Minorities in Shark Sciences. They will display shark jaws, skin, skeletons and other specimens plus hosts games and activities to learn more about sharks and marine conservation. Check out shark dissections at scheduled times throughout the event.
  • 3D Measurement – If it can be dreamed, it can be measured, and if it can be measured, it can be realized, says the digital geniuses from FARO, an imaging company that imagines a better, more insightful and capable world through 3D digital means and measurement technologies. Explore their vision as they share how they created a full life-sized a scan of our famous T-Rex Stan.
  • Dr. Joshua Calwell – Meet Dr. Joshua Colwell, a physics researcher with the University of Central Florida, who has led experiments that have flown on the Space Shuttle, suborbital rockets, parabolic airplane flights, and been performed on the International Space Station. He also developed a CubeSat for launch in 2019 and was a comet advisor, and an actor, in the movie “Deep Impact” and has appeared as a walker in “The Walking Dead.
  • More Interactive Exhibits – Get hands-on with expert-led workshops! Learn how to code like a pro, get flight lessons from Lockheed Martin or dive into the science of sharks. You’ll leave these workshops with a newfound skill and insight into different STEM careers.
  • Powder Keg Gaming Competitions – Ready Player One? Race down Rainbow Road or join the Pokken Tournament during Spark STEM Fest with Powder Keg Gaming Competitions! Visitors can enter for a chance to win cash prizes and be proclaimed champion as they compete in various video game tournaments.
  • Science Experiments – From LITERALLY cool liquid nitrogen demonstrations and foam explosions to animal encounters and meet and greets, enjoy shows and presentations from the creative minds behind our most popular events like Mess Fest, Astro Fest, and Science Night Dead.

Spark STEM Fest welcomes all lifelong learners, from the simply curious to the seriously savvy, from the young to the old. This event will engage your mind, spark your curiosity and ignite a passion for STEM learning. Visit  to learn more!

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Discovery Days Leading up to Spark STEM Fest 

Scheduled now through February 16, these smaller free events are organized for intimate opportunities to explore STEM in your own backyard while generating excitement for Spark STEM Fest. Some programs are specifically for kids and families, and some are just for adults. Sample events include conversations with a scientist or engineer, behind-the-scenes Q&A tours, craft demonstrations, a nature walk with a scientist or science trivia at neighborhood bars. Learn more here:

What Else There is to do at Orlando Science Center

During Spark STEM Fest, visitors will also be able to experience the all-new exhibit, Earth Matters, which has interactive opportunities to explore topical themes such as biodiversity, rising global temperatures, and carbon emissions across an informative journey that will inspire visitors to find new answers to big questions.

Dates/Times and Cost of Spark STEM Fest

Spark STEM Fest is February 17-20 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

All Spark STEM Fest activities are included with Orlando Science Center’s standard admission price of $24 for adults and $18 for youth (ages 2-11) and free for annual members.

SCIENCE FOR ALL – General Admission Access Program: If you have an Access Florida EBT card with your photo on it, and a matching valid photo ID, please show it at the admissions desk to receive $3 admission per person for up to six individuals.





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